U.S. Golden in Women's Bobsled Whistler World Cup

Feb. 06, 2009, 8:13 p.m. (ET)

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February 6, 2008

U.S. Golden in Women's Bobsled Whistler World Cup

WHISTLER, Canada-The three U.S. sleds entered into the women's bobsled World Cup competition in Whistler, Canada finished with a top six result on the 2010 Olympic track today. Shauna Rohbock (Park City, Utah) was victorious in today's test event, while Erin Pac (Farmington, Conn.) claimed bronze, and rookie Bree Schaaf (Bremerton, Wash.) finished sixth. "It's awesome to come out on top, especially here," said Rohbock. "The U.S. Olympic Committee supported our team this week by providing additional cameras and staff, which was a huge help. You think you feel things in the sled, but then you see yourself on camera you realize you're not doing what you think you're doing. Having that additional support this week definitely helped our team get onto the podium."

Rohbock teamed with Elana Meyers (Douglasville, Ga.) to claim gold in the 2010 Olympic dress rehearsal with a combined time of one minute, 47.10 seconds after leading the field with the fastest runs of the competition, 53.57 and 53.53.

As team USA I slid to a stop at the finish, Rohbock threw her hands into the air to celebrate her victory as teammates gathered around to celebrate.

"I was pumped," said Rohbock. "But I know that Helen Upperton and Sandra Kiriasis will be hard to beat next season, so they aren't fooling me. I'm really excited about today's result, but I know there's still a lot of work to do before we're back here next year."

Rohbock and Meyers pushed the third fastest start times of the day, a 5.23 and 5.21.

"The start is much steeper than other tracks," said Meyers. "In order to keep the velocity, it's really important to load quickly and do everything technically right. It's a fun track to slide, and this has been an amazing experience." Erin Pac (Farmington, Conn.) has been knocking on the podium all season, and claimed her first-ever World Cup medal today with teammate Michelle Rzepka (Novi, Mich.).

"I've wanted my first medal so badly, and to have it here is amazing," said Pac. "I had some trouble this week, and even crashed out of corner 13 in training. If I can fix those mistakes, then I think I can do well next season."

Pac and Rzepka flew down the 2010 Olympic course from start to finish, crossing the final timing eye with a total time of 1:47.40 after sliding identical runs of 53.70 seconds.

"I really like the track," said Pac. "It's challenging, but smooth and fun to drive. I hope we can keep our momentum going through World Championships on one of our home tracks in Lake Placid, N.Y."

In addition to claiming their first World Cup medal, Pac and Rzepka broke the start record in the second heat with a push time of 5.17 seconds.

"Erin and I have worked so hard all season," said Rzepka. "It feels great to be rewarded by winning a medal, and we were able to pull off the start record as well."

In second was Canadian Kaillie Humphries to assist with a North American sweep of the podium. Humphries slid with Heather Loyse for a combined time of 1:47.28 after sliding runs of 53.62 and 53.66. Bree Schaaf (Bremerton, Wash.) won the women's bobsled U.S. National Championship title in Lake Placid last month to earn a spot on the team, and finished sixth with a two-run total of 1:47.76 for a medal in her World Cup debut.

Schaaf teamed with Emily Azevedo (Chico, Calif.) for push times of 5.26 and 5.25 and runs of 53.87 and 53.89 seconds. As Schaaf and Azevedo climbed out of the sled, the U.S. duo hugged and jumped around in excitmenet before cheering on their team.

"Oh my gosh," said Schaaf as she continued to jump up and down. "I was ahead of Sandra Kiriasis, the Olympic Champion, after the first run. It's amazing, just unbelievable. I am so excited. Really, I am so excited, which is all I can say because it's all that I feel. This gives me something to work towards next year."

Watch the U.S. women climb the podium in Whistler's World Cup on-demand by visiting UniversalSports.com. Universal Sports TV will offer 5 one-hour shows from Feb. 10-12, 2009, and women's bobsled will air on the 10th from 9-10 PM ET.

Complete results can be found by visiting the web site for the Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing at www.fibt.com. For additional information, please contact Amanda Bird, USBSF Marketing & Communications Manager, at (518) 523-1842, ext. 106, or abird@usbsf.com. Results:

1, Shauna Rohbcok and Elana Meyers (USA) 1:47.10 (53.57, 53.53); 2. Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse (CAN) 1:47.28 (53.62, 53.66); 3. Erin Pac and Michelle Rzepka (USA) 1:47.40 (53.70, 53.70);...6. Bree Schaaf and Emily Azevedo (USA) 1:47.76 (53.87, 53.89);

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