Antoine and Sorensen Lead U.S. in Park City, Utah Intercontinental Cup

Dec. 14, 2008, 8:30 a.m. (ET)

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December 14, 2008


Antoine and Sorensen Lead U.S. in Park City, Utah Intercontinental Cup


PARK CITY, Utah-The Intercontinental Cup tour continued in Park City, Utah, with two races being held on Thursday, Dec. 11th and Friday, Dec. 12th.  Matt Antoine (Prairie du Chien, Wisc.) led the U.S. in the men’s skeleton competitions, and Rebecca Sorensen (Fort Collins, Colo.) was the top finisher for the U.S. women.


“The field is a lot more competitive this year, which is a testament to how deep the world field is becoming,” said Antoine. 


Antoine slid a fourth place result on the first day of men’s skeleton competition on Thursday, Dec. 11th with a combined time of 1:39.25.  The 2008 Intercontinental Cup champion pushed start times of 4.80 and 4.78 for runs of 49.45 and 49.80 seconds. 


“I’m always striving for the top of the podium,” said Antoine.  “You can’t control what happens on race day with anyone else or the conditions, but you can control your runs.  I try to focus on the things that are within my control, and do the best I can.”


Germany’s Michi Halilovic was victorious with a two-heat total of 1:38.87 after sliding runs of 49.18 and 49.69.  Great British athletes Andy Wood and Chris Type claimed the final two positions on the podium, finishing second and third, respectively.  Wood slid a total time of 1:38.92 for the silver medal (49.15, 49.77), while Type slid a combined time of 1:39.24 for the bronze (49.40, 49.84). 


U.S. athlete Stokes Aitken (Salt Lake City, Utah) finished with a combined time of 1:39.50 after sliding runs of 49.49 and 50.01 for seventh place, just fourteen-hundredths of a second from the top six.  Teammate Caleb Smith (Lake Placid, N.Y.) slid to the finish in 49.76 and 50.02 seconds for a two-heat total of 1:39.78, finishing 11th.


Antoine returned to the Utah Olympic Park on Friday, Dec. 12th with the podium in sight.  The young American improved his first day result, moving up one position to claim bronze with a total time of 1:39.99.


“I felt like I had a decent race,” said Antoine.  “I made some mistakes, but I feel like I was able to piece things together to get on the podium.”


Antoine pushed a start time of 4.81 seconds for a run of 49.82 in the first heat, and followed up in his second run with an identical start time of 4.81 for a run of 50.17. 


Halilovic repeated his gold medal performance with a combined time of 1:39.16.   The veteran German athlete slid to the finish with runs of 49.59, 49.57.  Type climbed the podium for the silver medal after stopping the clock in 1:39.27 (49.62, 49.65).


Aitken crossed the finish line with a two-run total of 1:40.97 (50.30, 50.67) for 12th place, while Smith finished just seven-hundredths of a second from his teammate in 13th with a combined time of 1:41.04 (50.39, 50.65).


In the women’s skeleton competitions, Rebecca Sorensen led the U.S. with fifth and seventh place finishes.


Sorensen started off the first race with start times of 5.10 and 5.13 for runs of 51.10 and 51.45 seconds.  The veteran U.S. athlete stopped the clock in 1:42.55 for fifth place, just nineteen-hundredths of a second from the medal stand against a competitive field of 23 sliders. 


Katharina Heinz from Germany convincingly claimed gold with a combined time of 1:41.66 (50.50, 51.16), with teammate Kathleen Lorenz more than half a second behind for the silver medal.  Lorenz slid runs of 50.83 and 51.40 for a total time of 1:42.23.  Donna Creighton from Great Britain was third with a two-run total of 1:42.36 (51.08, 51.28).


2008 U.S. National Champion Keslie Tomlinson (Potomac Falls, Va.) finished tenth with a combined time of 1:42.83 after sliding runs of 51.19 and 51.64.  Annie O’Shea (Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.) finished 11th after crossing the line in 51.25 and 51.72 seconds for a total time of 1:42.97. 


On the second day of racing, Sorensen again led the U.S. women with a two-run total of 1:43.43 for seventh place.  Sorensen sped off the starting block with push times of 5.16 and 5.15 for runs of 51.56 and 51.87. 


Heinz continued her domination, winning her second consecutive gold medal in 1:42.65 after sliding to the finish in 51.31 and 51.34 seconds.  Lorenz was close behind for second with a two-run total of 1:42.81 (51.22, 51.59), while Canada’s Carla Pavan claimed bronze in 1:42.90 (51.32, 51.58). 


Tomlinson and O’Shea again finished back-to-back, sliding to the finish in 11th and 12th place, respectively.  Tomlinson pushed times of 5.25 and 5.28 for runs of 51.67 and 52.17, giving her a two-run total time of 1:43.84.  O’Shea started the competition with a start time of 5.12 and run of 52.07, and moved up in the second heat with a push of 5.14 and finish of 52.13 seconds for a combined time of 1:44.20. 


Complete results can be found by visiting the web site for the Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing at  For additional information, please contact Amanda Bird, USBSF Marketing & Communications Manager, at (518) 523-1842, ext. 106, or 



Men’s Skeleton #1:

1. Michi Halilovic (GER) 1:38.87 (49.18, 49.69); 2. Andy Wood (GBR) 1:38.92 (49.15, 49.77); 3. Chris Type (GBR) 1:39.24 (49.40, 49.84); 4. Matt Antoine (USA) 1:39.25 (49.45, 49.80);...7. Stokes Aitken (USA) 1:39.50 (49.49, 50.01);...11. Caleb Smith (USA) 1:39.78 (49.76, 50.02);


Men’s Skeleton #2:

1. Michi Halilovic (GER) 1:39.16 (49.59, 49.57); 2. Chris Type (GBR) 1:39.27 (49.62, 49.65); 3. Matt Antoine (USA) 1:39.99 (49.82, 50.17);...12. Stokes Aitken (USA) 1:40.97 (50.30, 50.67); 13. Caleb Smith (USA) 1:41.04 (50.39, 50.65);


Women’s Skeleton #1:

1. Katharina Heinz (GER) 1:41.66 (50.50, 51.16); 2. Kathleen Lorenz (GER) 1:42.23 (50.83, 51.40); 3. Donna Creighton (GBR) 1:42.36 (51.08, 51.28);...5. Rebecca Sorensen (USA) 1:42.55 (51.10, 51.45);...10. Keslie Tomlinson (USA) 1:42.83 (51.19, 51.64); 11. Annie O’Shea (USA) 1:42.97 (51.25, 51.72);


Women’s Skeleton #2:

1. Katharina Heinz (GER) 1:42.65 (51.31, 51.34); 2. Kathleen Lorenz (GER) 1:42.81 (51.22, 51.59); 3. Carla Pavan (CAN) 1:42.90 (51.32, 51.58);...7. Rebecca Sorensen (USA) 1:43.43 (51.56, 51.87);...11. Keslie Tomlinson (USA) 1:43.84 (51.67, 52.17); 12. Annie O’Shea (USA) 1:44.20 (52.07, 52.13);


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