USA Badminton


By Mary Ann Bowles
September 2011

One-hundred thirty players from Australia, Canada, China, England, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA flocked to the OCBC July 15-17 to play in the 2011 Yonex/OCBC Senior Championships. Many of the players checked in earlier in the week to enjoy the spirited competition at the 2011 Yonex/OCBC U.S. Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton Championships which runs all week. With $120,000 in prize purse and Olympic BWF ranking points on the line, no one was disappointed to see the world-class players on court. In fact, one of the six senior courts was reserved for team practices on Friday and Saturday, giving senior players a good look at some of the training these international players go through daily to keep them sharp.

Play commenced on Friday from 9-4, continued on Saturday from 9-4, and finished up on Sunday. The Yonex/OCBC Senior International is the only tournament in the U.S. to offer a combined age doubles format. Instead of events based on an individual's age, the ages of the doubles team members are added together to qualify them for an event. Men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles all compete under this format in 80+, 90+, 100+, 110+, 120+, and 130+ age divisions. Singles competition retains the regular tournament format. Singles divisions are offered to players who are 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, and 65+ ages. This tournament held play in 25 different events.

Gold medal winners receive medals and names are engraved on handsome perpetual trophies. Gold medal winners included: 40MS, Kiam Meng Tey; 45MS, Jariwast Teerachai (Thailand); 50MS, Tom Goh; 55MS, Imre Bereknyei; 60MS, Bob Cook; and 65 MS, Seri Chintanaseri (Thailand); 40WS, Lisa Campbell (Australia); 50 and 60WS, Intan Tee; 80MD, Budy Sumarli/Kiam Meng Tey; 90MD, Muqeet Rana (Australia) /Tariq Wadood; 100MD, Guy Chadwick/Tariq Wadood; 110MD, Curt Dommeyer/Tariq Wadood; 120 MD, John Chan/Joseph Tok; 130MD, Bob Cook/Curt Dommeyer; 80WD, Lisa Campbell/Joy Kitzmiller; 90 and 100WD, Jian-Ping Chan/Bin Lin (China); 110 and 120WD, Mary Ann Bowles/Andrea Weiss; 80XD, Toru Takayanagi/Ying-Fang Lai; 90XD, Joseph Tok/Lina Taft; 110XD, Henry Paynter (Canada)/Wendy Carter; 120XD, Curt/Sue Dommeyer; and 130XD, Robin Lyons/Judy Gray.

Congratulations to stellar winners who collected numerous medals with their outstanding play:

  • Tariq Wadood with gold medals in 90,100, and 110MD; gold in 100XD; and silver in 80MD
  • Curt Dommeyer with gold medals in 110 and 130MD; gold in 120XD; and bronze in 110XD
  • Joseph Tok with gold medals in 120MD and 90XD; and silver in 100MD
  • Bob Cook with gold medals in 60MS and 130MD; and silver in 120XD
  • Kiam Meng Tey with gold in 40MX and 80MD; and bronze in 80XD
  • Imre Bereknyei with gold in 55MS; silver in 50MS; and bronze in 90 and 130MD
  • Muqeet Rana (Australia) with gold in 90MD and silver in 80MD
  • Budy Sumarli with gold in 80MD, and silver in 90MD
  • Lisa Campbell with gold medals in 40WS and 80WD; silver in 80XD; and bronze in 90WD
  • Joy Kitzmiller with gold in 80WD; silver in 40WS; and bronze in 90 and 110XD
  • Intan Tee with gold in 50 and 60WS
  • Mary Ann Bowles with gold in 110 and 120WD, and silver in 120XD
  • Andrea Weiss with gold in 110 and 120WD, and silver in 60WS
  • Wendy Carter with gold in 110XD, and silver in 90 and 100WD
  • Jian Ping Chan and Bin Lin (China) with golds in 90 and 100WD, and silver in 80WD

Thanks to all the players who filled the courts for three days of hot and spirited play. Many thanks to all who assisted with the tournament including Bob Cook, Ana Cook, Dudley Chen, Terry Lira, Dave Carton, Carol Bryan, Don Chew, Kim Chew, Montri Chew, Gus Chew, Tim Mangkalakiri, Noi Mangkalakiri, Cai Zi Min, Paisan Rangsikitpho, Yonex USA, K&D Graphics, the OCBC, the USBDF, USA Badminton, and all those who served as volunteer umpires and line judges. It was good to see Paisan, Lee Calvert, and Don Chew on hand though sidelined with health issues, and we hope to see you on court next year.

If you haven't played in this senior tournament, you should give some thought to next year's competition. Come to watch the U.S. Open-the level of play is amazing! And join the senior players on court for three days of good exercise and hard-fought battles for titles-you will be glad you did!