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True Sport™, powered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), is an initiative to equip parents, coaches, and youth to cultivate, champion, and uphold sportsmanship and the positive ethical life lessons that sports teach. Through education and resources, True Sport aims to empower sport participants and enthusiasts of all types and levels with healthy performance strategies in sports and in life.

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1. How do I know if a medication is allowed or prohibited?
Any time an athlete plans to consume a substance, he or she should call the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Drug Reference Line at 1-800-233-0393 or check with the USADA Global Drug Reference Online ( BEFORE consuming the medication/substance. If calling the Drug Reference Line please indicate that the athlete is a badminton player  when leaving a message at the line. The pharmacist who runs the line will either answer the call immediately or will return the call as soon as possible to let you know the status of the substance. When visiting the Global Drug Reference Online please print the status of your search for your records.

2. What if I use an inhaler? 
If you use an inhaler, check with the USADA Drug Reference Line or USADA Global Drug Reference Online ( immediately to determine the requirements for reporting that inhaler or requesting approval to use that medication. Please contact USADA at 1.800.233.0393. You should check with USADA at least four weeks prior to when you will need to complete the form.

3. Who is required to submit to drug tests?
All athletes are subject to out-of-competition and in-competition testing. However, athletes who meet established criteria such as (1) Top 15 in the BWF World Ranking for men’s singles and women’s singles, (2)  Top 10 in the BWF World Ranking for men’s / women’s / mixed doubles, (3) Any player coming back from retirement / period of ineligibility, (4) Other players the BWF determines should go on the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and (6) athletes receiving direct athlete support are required to submit detailed "Whereabouts Filings" each quarter. These athletes may be tested at practice or at home without any notice. Regardless of whether or not an athlete is competing in a major competition where anti-doping coping Control may occur, all members of USA Badminton are required to be in compliance with anti-doping rules.

4. Why can't there be a list of prohibited drugs using common over-the-counter names rather than scientific 30 letter words.
Everyone wants to see a simple list of what they can and cannot take. Unfortunately, there are so many drugs on the market and many more being brought on each day (and formulas for current medications changing), that no list would ever be complete. It would put the athlete at risk to check a list that may or may not be accurate. Athletes should always check every medication (over the counter and prescription) with USADA PRIOR to use at or 1-800-233-0393.