Lee Calvert celebrates 90th Birthday

Aug. 22, 2014, 5:32 p.m. (ET)

Lee Calvert is in Senior Hall of Fame, Senior National and International Champion, U.S. Senior Olympic Champion, Canadian Senior and Masters Champion, World Masters Champion. Recipient of the "WURST" SERVICE and SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD, National Umpire, served as Secretary of the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BADMINTON ASSOCIATION for 30 years and worked with Paisan on the U.S. Open from the time it was first put on in Southern California.  Lee was devoted to the sport of badminton.  Lee is still very active playing Table Tennis and is a member of the Optimist Club.  She is vivacious and going strong!

Saturday August 16th, Lee celebrated her 90th birthday with Family and Friends at her favorite spot overlooking the beach with a setting sun in the Pacific Palisades. Lee is a long time badminton champion with over 130 wins and she and Imre was 5 times Champion at the Senior Int'l at OCBC.  Lee was devoted to the sport of badminton and served as Secretary to the SCBA for 30 years. Lee is still very active, vivacious and going strong!