Afghanistan Badminton President visits USA Badminton

Aug. 22, 2014, 3:52 p.m. (ET)

MS Mastoora Arezoo current President of Afghanistan Badminton Federation came to the USA Badminton National Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a visit and to share the status of badminton in her country. Additionally, MS Arezoo is working toward developing opportunities for the United States and Afghanistan to further relations through the sport of badminton.  Although only 24 years of age, she currently holds a top level position of authority as president over the Afghanistan Badminton Federation where MS Arezoo promotes badminton for all women in her country and around the world. More importantly she is the first woman in Afghanistan’s history to be selected as President of Afghanistan’s Badminton Federation. This came as a big shock to many men in her country as they questioned her abilities do get the job done because she was a woman. Usually women in her country do not hold positions of authority.  There are gender separations and discrimination is promoted in Afghanistan. However, in just 6 short months she has already made a huge impact on her community and on promoting the sport of badminton as a played sport among the woman in her country. Her motto is “Impossible is nothing” and for sure nothing is impossible now after she has also founded a radio station and a newspaper called Voice of Sports. These media channels are revolutionary, as they focus on promoting women’s sporting events. MS Arezoo is also an advisor to the Minister of Labor for Paralympic sports and promotes these sports to the public.