USA Contingent Success in the 2014 Pan Am Junior Championships

Aug. 15, 2014, 9:24 p.m. (ET)

USA Badminton (USAB) congratulates all the players who represented the United States in the 2014 Pan Am Junior Championships (PAJC) in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Players competed in the USAB 2014 Junior International Tournaments (JIT) held earlier this year at the Affinity Badminton Club in San Carlos, California in order to qualify.

The Pan American Junior Championship brought together the Top-4 players in age categories from Under-11 to Under-19 from all the countries in Pan Am continent. Players from over 16 countries participated in the competition. The competition determined the Pan Am Junior Champions and the best badminton nation in the Pan Am Region through the Under 19 Team event.

The 2014 Pan Am competitions was held between July 20 and July 27th. The Under 19 Team competition was held between July 20th and July 22nd and individual competition for all age groups was held between July 23rd and July 27th.

The USA contingent coordinator and individual event manager was Johanes Susanto. He was assisted by Daniel Kan while the manager for the Under 19 Team was Allysa Khor. The US Team coaching staff was led by Zhou Lei. The other members of the coaching staff included Tony Gunawan, Carl Khor, Eric Go, Liang Qiu, Salvador Banquiles and Shannon Pohl.

In last year’s Pan Am Junior Championships  which held in Peurto Vallarta, Mexico, the USA Team secured the most medals for any country and finished with - 17 Gold Medals, 15 Silver Medals, 17 Bronze Medals (51 total), and was placed 3rd in the Under 19 Team event - the most medals tally in the PAJC competitions.

This year’s event was even more successful with the USA Team winning the Under 19 team event and garnered 22 Gold Medals, 19 Silver Medals and 26 Bronze Medals in the individual events.

The following is the confirmed list of players who will represent US in the 2014 PAJC competitions –

Boys Singles - Siddharta Javvaji, Andrew Yuan, Andrew Wang, Brandon Wu
Girls Singles - Netra Shetty, Jolie Wang, Kalea Sheung, Francesca Corbett
Girls Doubles - Kalea Sheung, Jolie Wang; Kodi Lee, Netra Shetty
Boys Doubles - Siddharta Javvaji, Andrew Wang; Nikhil Vasudeva, Andrew Yuan
Mixed Doubles - Andrew Wang, Jolie Wang; Siddharta Javvaji, Kalea Sheung, Joshua Yeung, Netra Shetty; Andrew Yuan, Francesca Corbett

Boys Singles – Don Henley Averia, Tony Liuzhou, Alvin So, Eric Duong
Girls Singles – Cassandra Yu, Lauren Lam, Karina Chan, Neha Shetty
Boys Doubles – Don Henley Averia, Eric Duong; Winston Tsai, Justin Wang;
Girls Doubles – Lauren Lam, Cassandra Yu; Nicole Ju, Jacqueline Zhang
Mixed Doubles – Tony Liuzhou, Karina Chan; Don Henley Averia, Lauren Lam;   Eric Duong, Cassandra Yu; Winston Tsai, Nicole Ju

Boys Singles - Ricky Liuzhou, Bryce Kan, Eric Chang, Ethan Low
Girls Singles – Jamie Hsu, Bianca Tam, Joanna Liu, Christine Yu
Boys Doubles – Ethan Low, Adrian Unruh; Ricky Liuzhou, Tony Liuzhou
Girls Doubles – Jamie Hsu, Nadia Susanto, Cindy Yuan, Michelle Zhang
Mixed Doubles - Bryce Kan, Jamie Hsu; Ricky Liuzhou, Joanna Liu; Raymond Chen, Nadia Susanto; Ethan Low, Cindy Yuan

Boys Singles – Vinson Chiu, Gokul Kalyanasundaram; Brian Duong, Benjamin Chen;
Girls Singles – Priscilla Long, Krista Hsu, Madeline Sporkert, Sarah Chang
Boys Doubles – Mason Jiang, Darren Lo; Vinson Chiu, Brian Duong
Girls Doubles – Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert; Nicole Frevold, Krista Hsu
Mixed Doubles – Joseph Pitman, Nicole Frevold; Ambrose So, Michelle Zhang; Mason Jiang, Madeline Sporkert; Anthony Chu, Sarah Chang

Under – 19  
Boys Singles – Timothy Lam, Jordy Supandi, Justin Ma, Nicholas Waller
Girls Singles – Kerry Xu, Crystal Pan, Annie Xu, Victoria Chen
Boys Doubles – Kevin Chan, Aston Khor; Timothy Lam, Justin Ma
Girls Doubles – Victoria Chen, Crystal Pan; Annie Xu, Kerry Xu
Mixed Doubles – Vinson Chiu, Crystal Pan; Darren Yang, Victoria Chen;   Aston Khor, Kerry Xu; Timothy Lam, Annie Xu

Team Competition (US Squad) -
Timothy Lam, Aston Khor, Kevin Chan, Jordy Supandi, Kerry Xu, Crystal Pan, Victoria Chen, Annie Xu

USAB wishes the players well and thanks all the coaches and parent volunteers for training the contingent and for ensuring a smooth process, respectively.

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