Jack Harvey Celebrates 90th Birthday

Sept. 12, 2013, 4:37 p.m. (ET)

Jack Harvey, Spokane's badminton master star celebrates his 90th birthday today! According to Mohan Subramaniam, USA Badminton Director of Coaching & High Performance, Jack is like a human badminton encyclopedia. Jack is able to recite stories and events including big names such as Dave Freeman (US), Eddy Choong (Malaysia),  and Hammergaard Hansen (Denmark). Jack is indeed a true community centered individual. He has not only enjoyed badminton on a personal capacity but has also motivated others in Spokane to take after him in developing and promoting badminton in the Spokane area. Among his protege includes, Eric Lee who has continued Jack's love for badminton through his junior programs.

Click the link below to read an interesting write up on Jack by Thomas Clouse of 'The Spokesman-Review:"