2013 Junior National Qualifying and Caps

May 08, 2013, 4:41 p.m. (ET)

The 2013 Junior Nationals scheduled to be held at Bintang Academy in the Bay Area from July 2nd - 7th will also feature Qualifying Rounds if the entry exceeds the maximum number of matches that can be accommodated in the playing hours available. If Qualifying in a particular event is needed then the players who are accepted straight into the main draw and those who are required to play the Qualifying Rounds will be determined based on Junior Rankings following the Northwest Super Regional event on May 25th-27th. The Qualifying Rounds (if needed) will be played at Bintang Academy on June 29th-30th.

Note also that regardless of whether Qualifying is required, Junior Nationals cannot be a player's first tournament. If a player does not have a current Junior Ranking then the player should document previous tournament experience in junior ranking events, international junior tournaments, or play in Adult USAB-sanctioned tournaments when submitting their entry form.

The maximum numbers of players and pairs in each main draw event has been established as follows:

U9 BS - 16
U9 GS - 8
U9 BD - 8
U9 GD - 4
U9 MX - 8
U11 BS - 32
U11 GS - 16
U11 BD - 16
U11 GD - 8
U11 MX - 16
U13 BS - 48
U13 GS - 32
U13 BD - 24
U13 GD - 16
U13 MX - 32
U15 BS - 64
U15 GS - 32
U15 BD - 32
U15 GD - 16
U15 MX - 32
U17 BS - 64
U17 GS - 24
U17 BD - 32
U17 GD - 16
U17 MX - 32
U19 BS - 48
U19 GS - 24
U19 BD - 24
U19 GD - 12
U19 MX - 24 

For events that exceed the above caps, there shall be one qualifying spot for every eight main draw places for main draws of size 16 and higher, and one qualifying spot for every four main draw places for main draws of size 8 and lower.

Any questions should be addressed to Chris Lawrence, CCclawrence@aol.com, and Widya Susanto, widmeister@yahoo.com.