USA Badminton Board of Directors Position

March 12, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

The Nominating & Governance Committee for USA Badminton is actively seeking nominations of qualified coaches to serve on its Board of Directors for the 2013 to 2017 period.   

If qualified and interested, please forward your qualifications on the attached form to Nominating and Governance Chair Rick Mack at

USA Badminton Bylaw:

Coach Director. The Nominating and Governance Committee shall solicit nominations of at least level 1 certified coaches. The nominees will be considered by the Nominating and Governance Committee. The Nominating and Governance Committee shall select at least two (2) individuals, assuming at least two are nominated and meet the minimum requirements, from those nominated who shall then stand for election. All current USAB coach members shall then vote for the Board director. Each USAB coach member shall have one (1) vote. The individual with the highest vote total is elected.

 Function of the Board:
The Board of Directors represents the interests of USAB’s membership, the United States Badminton community and Badminton athletes by providing USAB with policy, guidance and strategic direction. The Board oversees the management of USAB and its affairs, but it does not manage USAB. The Board shall focus on long-term objectives and impacts rather than on day-to-day management, empowering the Chief Executive Officer to manage a staff-driven organization with effective Board oversight. In addition, the Board performs the following specific functions, among others:

-Reviews and approves USAB's strategic plan and the annual operating plans, budget, business plans, and corporate performance;
-Sets policy and provides guidance and strategic direction to management on significant issues facing USAB;
-Reviews and approves significant corporate actions;
-Oversees the financial reporting process, communications with stakeholders, and USAB's legal and regulatory compliance program;
-Oversees effective corporate governance;
-Approves capital structure, financial strategies, borrowing commitments, and long-range financial planning;
-Reviews and approves financial statements, annual reports, audit and control policies, and, upon the recommendation of the Audit Committee, selects independent auditors;
-Monitors to determine whether USAB’s assets are being properly protected;
-Monitors USAB’s compliance with laws and regulations and the performance of its broader responsibilities; and
- Ensures that the Board and management are properly structured and prepared to act in case of an unforeseen corporate crisis.

Coach Director USAB BOD Job Description: 

1)    Knowledge of and or experience with High Performance Coaching
2)    Knowledge of and or experience with Grassroots Coaching
3)    Knowledge of current USAB and BWF Coach Education Systems
4)    Ability to work with USAB coaching community
5)    Must have time and willingness to attend at least two of four BOD meetings yearly at own expense. The USAB Board is composed of nine members.
6)    Must have time and willingness to
      A)   Serve on Coach Selection Committee to include Pan American and Olympic games
      B)   Serve on Coach of the Year Panel for USOC and USAB awards
      C)   Must serve on HPAG (High Performance Advisory Group)
      D)   Have direct involvement with National Coach Development
7)    Able to actively respond to advisory e-mails
8)    Be an active USAB member with Coach designation of at least level 1