2013 USAB Pan Am Junior Team

July 11, 2013, 1:59 p.m. (ET)

The 2013 Badminton Pan Am Junior Championships will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in July 2012. The Team Event is scheduled from July 21-23 while the Individual Event is scheduled from July 24-28.

The top four ranked U-19 players have been invited to be part of Team USA based on the JIT Team event procedure.

61 players will be participating at the individual events.  The maximum entries for the Individual Event are: 4 boys’ singles, 4 girls’ singles, 2 boys’ doubles, 2 girls’ doubles and 4 mixed doubles. The top 4 finishers of BS, GS and MX as well as the top 2 finishers of the BD and GD events of each age group are invited to be part of the US delegation.

The following players qualified to represent USA as part of the US delegation:

Team Players:
Boys: Aston Khor, Alan Shekhtman, William Cheung, Kenneth Hui
Girls: Anna Tang, Cherie Chow, Christine Yang, Alena Wang

Under – 19
Boys Singles: Alan Shekhtman, William Cheung, Aston Khor, Nicholas Waller
Girls Singles: Anna Tang, Cherie Chow, Christine Yang, Stephanie Lam
Boys Doubles: Aston Khor & Alan Shekhtman, William Cheung & Kenneth Hui
Girls Doubles: Cherie Chow & Christine Yang, Anna tang & Alena Wang
Mixed Doubles: Aston Khor & Anna Tang, Kenneth Hui & Cherie Chow, Kevin Chan & Christine Yang, Roberto Zeng & Alena Wang

Under – 17
Boys Singles: Timothy Lam, Albert Li, Raymond Hsia, Darren Yang
Girls Singles: Crystal Pan, Victoria Chen, Angela Zhang, Alena Wang
Boys Doubles: Timothy Lam & Justin Ma, Raymond Hsia & Albert Li
Girls Doubles: Victoria Chen & Crystal Pan, Sonya Wong & Candy Zhang
Mixed Doubles: Vinson Chiu & Crystal Pan, Raymond Hsia & Sonya Wong, Timothy Lam & Angela Zhang, Darren Yang & Victoria Chen 

Under – 15
Boys Singles: Andre Wang, Gokul Kalyanasundaram, Eric Jiang, Cadmus Yeo
Girls Singles: Annie Xu, Kerry Xu, Jamie Hsu, Rina Yan
Boys Doubles: Andre Wang & Cadmus Yeo, Raymond Chen & Gokul Kalyanasundaram
Girls Doubles: Annie Xu & Kerry Xu, Cindy Yuan & Michelle Zhang
Mixed Doubles: Cadmus Yeo & Annie Xu, Andre Wang & Julie Yeung, Ethan Low & Cindy Yuan, Eric Jiang & April Gong

Under – 13
Boys Singles: Clayton Cayen, Karthik Kalyanasundaram, Eric Chang, Kenneth Tan
Girls Singles: Vivian Yao, Helen Ye, Cassandra Yu, Jennie Gai
Boys Doubles: Clayton Cayen & Alexander Zheng, Alvin Li & Calvin Xia
Girls Doubles: Jennie Gai & Helen Ye, Vivian Yao & Cassandra Yu
Mixed Doubles: Clayton Cayen & Helen Ye, Alexander Zheng & Jennie Gai, Eric Chang & Karina Chan, Timothy Shee & Charisse Chow

Under – 11
Boys Singles: Don Averia, Brandon Xu, Joshua Yuan, Alohi Sheung
Girls Singles: Tiffany Kuang, Claire Chen, Lauren Lam, Nicole Ju
Boys Doubles: Brandon Xu & Joshua Yuan, Aaron Low & Alohi Sheung
Girls Doubles: Claire Chen & Tiffany Kuang, Evelyn Zeng & Lauren Lam
Mixed Doubles: Joshua Yuan & Claire Chen, Alohi Sheung & Tiffany Kuang, Brandon Xu & Lauren Lam, Aaron Low & Nicole Ju