Bintang Badminton Academy

July 08, 2013, 12:04 p.m. (ET)

Bintang Badminton Academy is a leading badminton club in Northern California with five locations around the Bay Area. After starting in December of 2001 with a few players, one coach, and limited space, Bintang has grown into a badminton powerhouse in the state of California. From the smaller warehouse, the players and coach shaped the academy into three courts with colored walls and indoor sport flooring and eventually, in 2004, the flagship club moved into a larger warehouse that could fit eleven courts. The Bintang community gathered to help build the gym for three long months and later that year, its doors were open to all badminton enthusiasts.

                The five Bintang locations include venues in Campbell, Dublin, South San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and the newest addition in Milpitas which opened in June of 2012. The smallest club, in Dublin, holds 6 courts and the largest is located in South San Francisco with 26 courts.  Each location has a number of dedicated coaches and players and holds summer camps for players as well as private lessons, team lessons, and various classes and camps.

                The atmosphere at the Bintang Badminton Academy club is something that cannot be matched. Players of all different levels are able to play and train together, while also learning the skills of the game. The club is open to all and has created the growth of badminton throughout the Northern California area.

                Bintang has evolved into one of the most prominent badminton clubs in California, and with this influence, they have just finished running the 2013 Junior Nationals at the South San Francisco location. This location opened in June 2010 and features a top-of-the-line pro shop as well as 26 courts and a free-weight workout area. This week it was the home of over 400 players and their families, numerous umpires, officials, and spectators from around the area.

Results and information about the 2013 Junior Nationals will be available on the USAB website as well as on

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