Badminton in Dallas

Jan. 14, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Allysa and Carl Khor of the American Badminton Center in Dallas, Texas, hosted Mohan Subramaniam - USAB Director of Coaching & High Performance, and Fred Coleman - USAB Board of Directors member, over the weekend of January 11-13. Over 20 parents and juniors from the American Badminton Center joined the meeting including various local club representatives.

The American Badminton Center ( is a two year old organization dedicated to developing Junior Badminton in the Dallas area. It has stimulated new events to bring together the badminton community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The area has close to twenty clubs. There are 10 recreation centers with 3-4 courts each hosting 25-30 players 3-4 nights a week. There are also three Chinese and two Indian Community clubs with 2-3 courts each play with 20-25 players 3-4 times a week. Besides these clubs, Texas Instruments’ main campus boasts an athletic center that also has open time on weekends for community members and families to use the facilities. Its badminton venue is among the best in the area and is used for elite player training. In addition, a number of local colleges have student clubs which open play to several times a week. The largest membership list boasts about 600 players and it is expected that more than 300 people play every week.

Junior training is a new process in Dallas. However, boosted by the elite junior players, along with Andrew and Aston Khor performances at the national level, the program has attracted other younger talents including Joseph Pitman and Ryan Nibu. This program based at the American Badminton Center is serviced by coaches Carl Khor, Adam Feng, Greg Okuonghae, Nibu Paul and Will Do. Currently the program has 20 players in training, ages 8-12 years old. Players recently traveled to the December USBDF tournament at OCBC in Orange County.


1.      Throughout its 15 year history, the Dallas Badminton Club ( has hosted the Dallas Open annually in September. Participants in this event have ranged from 170 to 200 players in A and B categories Prize money has gone as high as $12,000 with Yonex sponsorship.

2.      The TEXINS Badminton Club, in its 10 year history, has hosted the regional doubles tournament each year in May to serve the regional players with prize money as high as $2000.


The ABC Community Cup on February 2 will feature a first-ever Team Tournament between various community clubs, with a format of three Men’s Doubles, Two Women’s Doubles and Two Mixed Doubles.


1.      A Junior Circuit with Austin, Houston, and San Antonio with a set of ranking tournaments to further drive growth of Junior training.

2.      The Dallas Open to become part of a USAB City Series joining prestigious tournaments like the Boston Open in a nationwide (prize money of $20,000 or greater) circuit to drive the growth of  US Badminton.

3.      A badminton-only dedicated club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.