Triple Crowns at OCBC's 2012 USBDF Winter Junior Internationals

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Dec. 26, 2012
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Triple Crowns for Alec Lee (U9-Boys), Kalea Sheung (U9-Girls) and Priscilla Long (U15-Girls) at OCBC’s 2012 USBDF Winter Junior Internationals

The Orange County Badminton Club (OCBC) successfully conducted its annual USBDF Winter Junior Internationals Tournament during the Dec. 21-Dec. 23, 2012 weekend. The tournament was hosted at the OCBC’s Badminton facility. The tournament is a ranking tournament of USA Badminton (USAB).

Over 200 players from 9 countries participated in the tournament. Noteworthy players from Canada, Mexico and China competed. Games were conducted in Under-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 age categories. In each age category, players played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles disciplines. Young players from Badminton clubs across the country participated in the Tournament. Players from Northern and Southern California, and Washington figured prominently.

The tournament provides vital exposure for local American junior talents to play with international players. The tournament also gives a good opportunity for the all our players to prepare themselves for the following year’s PanAmerican competition.

Tournament’s highlight was the Triple Crown wins by Kalea Sheung and Alec Lee in the Under-9 girls’ and boys’ categories respectively and by Priscilla Long in the U15 category. The singles champs Kalea Sheung and Alec Lee paired together to claim the mixed doubles crown in the U9 category. Eric Duong and Carina Chan won double crown in the U11 Boys and Girls categories respectively. They both won their singles discipline and paired together to win the mixed doubles discipline as well. Both Phillip Jap and Vinson Chiu played up in the tournament and as a result missed winning their respective age categories. The U17 and U19 boys singles was dominated by Luis Ramon Garrido from Mexico. Stretched to three games from the quarter-finals, each time, Luis hung in there to claim the U19 title beating Canadians Mac Lee and Nathan Osborne along the way. The game between Mac Lee and Luis Ramon was a treat to watch and drew a spell-bound audience. The U17 title came relatively easily for the very methodical Luis Garrido. But the promising young lad, sure, needs to control his antics especially given his ability to draw youngsters to watch his games.

Other interesting matches include the U11 Boys Doubles final where the 9 year olds Alohi Sheung and Aaron Low gave a run for the title against the 10 year olds Alistair Lee and Daniel Fung. They split the games (19-21 and 22-20) and fought till the end to lose 19-21 in the final game. The U15 Boys Doubles final had quite a nail-biting third game between Phillip Jap/Cadmus Yeo pair against Alan Chuang/Darren Lo. Phillip Jap/Cadmus Yeo pair won the match 21-11, 14-21 and 25-23.

Overall, it was a great action packed tournament with spirited games by young ambitious players, rising to give their best. OCBC staff deserves much kudos for organizing the tournament smoothly.

The following players finished in the top four in each of the disciplines in various age categories. The winners in each of the categories are highlighted in bold with the runners-up in italics.


Boys Singles – Alec Lee, Joshua Yeung, Adriano Viale, Jedd Alexander Perea
Girls Singles – Kalea Sheung, Netra Shetty, Jaylyn Lee, Kodi Tang Lee
Boys Doubles – Andre Chim, Alec Lee; Jedd Alexander Perea, Joshua Yeung, Minh Cheng, Nathan Mills
Girls Doubles – Netra Shetty, Kalea Sheung; Jaylyn Lee, Kodi Tang Lee
Mixed Doubles – Alec Lee, Kalea Sheung; Minh Cheng, Netra Shetty; Andre Chim, Jaylyn Lee; Jedd Alexander Perea, Kodi Tang Lee


Boys Singles – Eric Duong, Derek Tan, Alvin So, Alistair Lee
Girls Singles – Karina Chan, Kelly Jap, Nethra Shetty
Boys Doubles – Daniel Fung, Alistair Lee; Aaron Low, Alohi Sheung; Chandler Adiwidya, Amogh Mellacheruvu; Gary He, Thomas Liew
Mixed Doubles – Eric Duong, Karina Chan; Alvin So, Kelly Jap; Daniel Fung, Netra Shetty


Boys Singles – Bryce Kan, Ethan Low, Karthik Kalyanasundaram, Karl Jiang
Girls Singles – Xinyu Zhang, Helen Wang, Kelly Jap, Rosaline Chow
Boys Doubles – Justin Banquiles, Karthik Kalyanasundaram; Bryce Kan, Ethan Low; Ethan Yi Lu, Ryan Nibu; Justin Coca, Alvin So
Girls Doubles – Charisse Chow, Xinyu Zhang; Rosaline Chow, Aileen Sun; Martina Reyes, Ashley Yu; Sydney Lee, Mia Tsao
Mixed Doubles – Justin Banquiles, Cynthia Wong; Justin Coca, Sydney Lee; Karthik Kalyanasundaram, Danice Long; Alistair Lee, Martina Reyes


Boys Singles – Gokul Kalyanasundaram, Darren Lo, Brian Duong, Benjamin Chen
Girls Singles – Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert, Jamie Hsu, Nadia Susanto
Boys Doubles – Phillip Jap, Cadmus Yeo; Alan Chuang, Darren Lo; Eric Jiang, Ambrose So; Bryan Poon, Desmond Wang (Canada)
Girls Doubles – Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert; Kelly Carter, Cara De Belle (Canada); Jamie Hsu, Nadia Susanto; Sarah Chang, April Gong
Mixed Doubles – Brian Duong, Priscilla Long; Phillip Jap, Jamie Hsu; Ambrose So, Nadia Susanto; Darren Lo, Joanna Wu


Boys Singles – Luis Ramon Garrido (Mex), Raymond Hsia, Jordy Supandi, Melvin Tok
Girls Singles– Brittney Tam (Can), Takeisha Wang (Can), Kyleigh O’Donoghue (Can), Sonya Wong
Boys Doubles – Austin Bauer, Ty Lindeman (Can); Timothy Lam, Justin Ma; Christopher Li, Jordy Supandi; Vinson Chiu, Brian Duong
Girls Doubles – Victoria Chen, Crystal Pan; Kyleigh O’Donoghue , Brittney Tam (Can); Rebecca Tzou, Lucy Wang; Sonya Wang, Angela Zhang
Mixed Doubles – Ty Lindeman, Takeisha Wang (Canada); Vinson Chiu, Crystal Pan; Melvin Tok, Brittney Tam (Canada), Timothy Lam, Angela Zhang

Under – 19

Boys Singles – Luis Ramon Garrido (Mex), Nathan Osborne, Mac Lee, Shawn Whong
Girls Singles – Christine Yang, Cherie Chow, Jenna Koller, Victoria Chen
Boys Doubles – Jack Hall, Joshua Hurlburt-Yu (Can); Mac Lee, Nathan Osborne (Can);Michael Julian Buasan, Jeffery Kuo; Kevin Chan, Aston Khor
Girls Doubles – Cherie Chow, Christine Yang; Christine Chen, Danae Long; Satveka Ilango, Alisia Winnie Lu; Renata Marion Baker, Kelly Truong
Mixed Doubles – Jeffery Kuo, Christine Yang; Joshua Hurlburt-Yu, Sarah Bowman (Can); Kenneth Hui, Cherie Chow; Mac Lee, Kyleigh O’Donoghue (Can)

The actual draw, games and the results in various rounds can be found in the following link –  (

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Draft prepared by: Venkatraman CK (, Date: 12/26/2012