Tournament Guidelines for 2014

Dec. 23, 2013, 4:48 p.m. (ET)


  1. For Rating purposes, tournaments who want to be rated must use Tournament Software or Railstation and submit to the National Office within 2 weeks of the end of the tournament.  Member numbers are to be used on Tournament Software for the Identification.
  2. If you wish to opt out of the Ratings system, please notify Peggy Savosik at, or 719-866-3643.
  3. Hilton Properties is a sponsor of USA Badminton, therefore, tournaments who are going to have players from out of town need to contact the National Office so that bids can be obtained with Hilton.
  4. USA Badminton will provide shirts for the tournaments that provide T Shirts to players and an Admin fee of $15.00 will be added to the Entry Fee.
  5. New Sanction Fees as stated below will be in force as of January 1, 2014.   Also,  if players play in a sanctioned tournament  and do not show their membership card or up to date membership, it will be the responsibility of the Tournament to pay those membership fees.

Domestic Tournaments
Sanctioned Non Ranking Tournament      $250.00 + $100.00
Deposit  - (Receipt of Tournament Software or Railstation files for ratings within 2 weeks)
Sanctioned Ranking Tournament             $500.00 + $100.00
Deposit - (Receipt of Tournament Planner or Railstation files for ratings within 2 weeks)
Junior Junior International Trials-  $250.00
Adult Trials- $250.00
Junior Non-Ranking Tournament - $250.00
Regional Junior 10% Tournaments - $250.00

Adult Nationals - $2,000.00
Junior Nationals - $2,000.00
Masters - $2,000.00
Collegiates - $250.00
Regional Junior 10% Tournaments - $250.00        
Regional Junior 20% Tournaments - $500.00
Super Regional Junior 70% Tournaments - $750.00

International Tournaments
Badminton World Federation Junior International (no ranking) - $500.00
Badminton World Federation  Junior International (Ranking) - $1,000.00
Adult International (Less that $5,000 Prize Money)  - $750.00
Adult International ($5,000-$15,001) - $1,000.00
Adult International ($15,001-$119,999) - $4,000.00
Grand Prix Gold  - $7,500.00