Will Your Player Go To Rio In 2016

Sept. 11, 2012, 6:05 p.m. (ET)

Attention Club Owners:
In order to achieve this, we need to take the partnership between USAB, USOC and all badminton clubs in the United States to a much more structured and organized level. The Olympic journey is not merely participating in competitions to improve on world ranking but it involves long term meticulous planning as a team.

For those of you who are excited to take your training programs to the next level, we invite you to attend the High Performance Development Conference we are organizing with the USOC in Colorado Springs from November 11-13, 2012. We will connect you with USOC resources and also show how your athletes can benefit  more from the services that the USOC offers to an NGB (National Governing Body)’s premier athletes. We will work together on defining improvements in the quality of training programs and coaching to increase the chances of our players succeeding on the world stage.

Attending this conference is a Declaration of Interest that you want to be part of the planning in this Olympic Quad, 2012-2016. You may decide at the end of the conference to work toward certifying your club as Training Center (TC) or High Performance Club (HPC).

We welcome any suggestions on topics to be included.

Deadline for application: Monday September 17, 2012.

For questions contact the Director of Coaching & High Performance, Mohan Subramaniam
at mohan@usabadminton.org

CLICK HERE for Training Center (TC) of High Performance Club (HPC) Accreditation Criteria

CLICK HERE for Conference Agenda (We welcome suggestions for other topics!)

CLICK HERE for Conference Application Form

Attention Potential/Future High Performance Program Based Club Owners:

If you currently do not have a Junior or Adult High Performance program running but would like to set up a program in future, you may also apply to attend. However, your application is subject to slots available. If approved, you are responsible for all expenses pertaining to travel, accommodation and meals.