2013 JIT Announcement

Oct. 22, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

Announcement JIT 2013

1)     The size of JIT has grown. Total matches and matches per player have also grown.

2)     JIT is an elite tournament for the best players. It is not an entry level or first tournament.

3)     JIT will be a four days event instead of three.

4)     Although the size cap keeps the total matches for the tournament at a size that it can be run in available time, the matches per player which is a health and safety issue necessitates the change to four days. Otherwise there would be a restriction that a player could only play two events. The JAG felt players should have the option to play three events.

5)     The JIT will be in Los Angeles, CA. It will run from Saturday February 16 9 AM to Tuesday February 19 noon. Specific site is under bidding process.

6)     Qualification by ranking will be used for entry in the JIT for the first time this year. Size of draws will be capped at 8, 16, or 24 (best sizes for pool play) based on the size of the event in the last three years. Each of four regions will get at least one slot in the draw: 1)SoCal Region, 2) NoCal Region, 3) Northwest and Midwest Region, 4)Northeast and Southern Region.

7)     The region qualification is determined by the player home address.

8)     General Procedure

A)    Online registration will open 12/1/12 through USAB office. Anyone may enter. Pairs must enter as pairs, no requests will be processed. Registration Payment will be made by credit card.

B)    Entries will close 12/31/12.

C)     By Sunday 1/6/13, the Junior Ranking Group with the JIT coordinator will ascertain if any events have more entries than the set cap.

1.      If any events are too large, Junior Ranking Group (JRG) will cut off at a pre-set number of slots (caps) according to the individual ranking points and then the representation of all geographical areas. 

2.      When there is no representation from a geographical area, JRG looks down the ranked list to take the highest ranked player from the missing geographical area.  If this person has 0 ranking points, then this person is not qualified.  Otherwise, JRG will award this person with the last slot and drop the lowest ranked player from other areas.

3.      For double/mixed events, the individual points, from double/mixed events respectively, are added together for each pair.  If there is at least one person from a geographical area, then it counts as that area is being represented.  The rest is the same as single event.

4.      If representation of one of the four geographic areas is not included the highest ranked player or pair from that area will be selected. If no player or pair from an area has a ranking, no unranked player will be selected.

D)    The rankings as of any tournaments completed before 12/31/12 will be used to decide which entrants are offered a spot in the draw.

E)     Monday 1/7/13 players who are in the draw will be notified and entry lists will be posted by USAB. Those who registered and do not make the draw will have entry fee and deposit refunded.

F)     If any player withdraws before 2/1/12, the entry fee is forfeited, but the deposit is returned. Any withdrawal after 2/1/12 forfeits both entry fee and deposit fee.

G)    The spot opened by a withdrawal will be offered to the next player/pair in ranking from the original entry list.

H)    The draw will be 2/1/12. After the draw any openings created by withdrawals will not be filled.

9)     Further details of JIT Cap Sizes for all events, fees and location will be posted separately in early November.