2012 USAB Level 2 Community Coach Course

Nov. 27, 2012, 5:46 p.m. (ET)

The North East Region (NER) collaborated with USA Badminton (USAB) to hold a level 2 Community Coach Course (L2CC) from November 16-18, 2012. Thanks to the hard work of Diane Cornell (NER President) and Yvonne Chern (NER Vice-President), the course went on smoothly!

The course was hosted by Boston Badminton. The course instructors included Mohan (USAB Director of Coaching and High Performance), Dr. Fred Coleman (USAB Board Member, Junior Advisory Group Chair and Coaching Advisory Group member), Andy Chong (Boston Badminton Head Coach, USAB High Performance Coach and USAB High Performance Advisory Group member).

The course included a group of passionate coaches ranging from a parent to current volunteer coaches coaching within their respective communities which include clubs, schools, and universities. The ten participants included: Beth Sopka (NER Vice-President), Daniel Cheung, Henry Huang, Jun Yu, Michael Crawshaw, Peter Smith, Richmond Trinidad, Robert Morgenthaler, Sunil Polineni, Xitao Wang.

The L2CC focused more on the “how to coach” aspect rather than the “what to coach.” This approach helped to guide the coaches to pay more attention to the ‘coaching process, principles, learning styles, and organization.” Mohan highlighted that, “The coach is a designer of stimuli for the players. Our primary role is to help players to be empowered. We should facilitate the players and let them discover for themselves. This helps the learning of new skills and tactics to be more meaningful.”

In order to make the course more hands on for the course participants, Andy Chong and Yvonne Chern worked hard to organize volunteer “trainee players” selected from various age groups and abilities. The instructors on the other hand designed various challenging tasks and situations for the coaches to solve individually and in teams. At the end of the course, Andy evaluated each coach run a twenty minute coaching session.

Like always, each course group had its own unique characteristics. Each participant brought his or her own dimension to the course. It was a very interactive, fun filled and happy group!

Everyone had a blast!

USA Badminton appreciates Yvonne for being a cool host!