Triple Crown for Jolie Wang, Phillips Jap, and Victoria Chen

May 29, 2012, 6:27 p.m. (ET)

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May 29, 2012
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Triple Crown for Jolie Wang, Phillips Jap and Victoria Chen 

The 2012 Northern California Super Regional Juniors Tournament ended successfully over the Memorial Day weekend. The tournament was held under the auspices of USA Badminton (USAB) Junior Advisory Group and hosted by Bay Badminton Club (www. at their 16 court Gymnasium in Burlingame, California.

The junior competitions were held in Under-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 age categories and in five disciplines Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles respectively. Young players from Northern and Southern California and Washington State participated in the tournament.

Notable performances include a triple crown for Jolie Wang in Under-9, Phillips Jap in Under-13 and Victoria Chen in the Under-17 age categories. Daniel Chow won all the competitions (Singles and Doubles) he participated in, in the Under-19 age category.  The Xu sisters - Annie and Kerry emerged as the top players in the Under-15 girls singles and doubles disciplines despite their junior year in the age category. An Asian Indian child, Siddharth Javvaji made it to the top in boys singles discipline in the Under-9 age category.

The sport continues to grow rapidly across the nation. This recently concluded tournament also drew many new entrants in the Under-9 and Under-11 age categories.

The following is the list of the top four finishers in each of the disciplines in various age categories –

Under-9   (Triple Crown for Jolie Wang)

Boys Singles - Siddharth Javvaji, Andre Wang, Mihir Raja, Alec Lee
Girls Singles - Jolie Wang, Kalea Sheung, Chandika Ramesh, Gabriella Ho
Girls Doubles - Jolie Wang, Kalea Sheung; Gabriella Ho, Graciella Ho;Kristine Ngo, Kaitlyn Wang; Kyra Li, Brianna Xu Boys Doubles - Alec Lee, Andrew Wang; Mihir Raja, Edward Zhang;Ryan Ma, Joshua Yeung; Aaron Lee, Michael Xu
Mixed Doubles - Jolie Wang, Andrew Wang; Alec Lee, Kalea Sheung; Siddharth Javvaji, Chandika Ramesh; Ryan Ma, Kaitlyn Wang 


Boys Singles – Matthias Lai, Eric Duong, Tony Liuzhou, Trevor Tan
Girls Singles – Karina Chan, Sasha Tang, Tammy Xie, Maggie Li

Boys Doubles – Eric Duong, Tony Liuzhou; Derek Tan, Justin Wang;Matthias Lai, Trevor Tan; Aaron Low, Alohi Sheung
Girls Doubles – Maggie Li, Sasha Tang; Karina Chan, Tammy Xie;Kelly Jap, Cassandra Yu; Claire Chen, Nicole Ju
Mixed Doubles – Eric Duong, Cassandra Yu; Derek Tan, Maggie Li;Trevor Tan, Karina Chan; Brandon Xu, Yuqing Qiu


Boys Singles - Phillips Jap, Bryce Kan, Derek Hu, Ethan Low
Girls Singles – Cindy Yuan, Jamie Hsu, Jennie Gai, Karen Ma
Boys Doubles – Phillips Jap, Ricky Xiu Liu Zhou; Eric Chang, Joseph Zhang;Bryce Kan, Ethan Low; Emerson Chao, Calvin Xia

Girls Doubles – Jamie Hsu, Nadia Susanto; Cindy Yuan, Michelle Zhang;Joanna Liu, Karen Ma; Jennie Gai, Melody Lin
Mixed Doubles - Phillips Jap, Jamie Hsu; Ricky Xiu Liu Zhou, Joanna Liu;Derek Hu, Michelle Zhang; Karthik Kalyanasundaram, Christine Yu


Boys Singles – Vinson Chiu, Brian Duong; Gokul Kalyanasundaram, Cadmus Yeo
Girls Singles – Annie Xu, Kerry Xu, Priscilla Long, Joanna Liu
Boys Doubles – Anthony Chu, Mason Jiang; Andre Wang, Cadmus Yeo; Alan Chuang, Darren Lo; Richard Chen, Eric Jiang Girls Doubles – Annie Xu, Kerry Xu; April Gong, Julie Yeung; Krista Hsu, Jacquelyn Kan; Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert 
Mixed Doubles – Brian Duong, Priscilla Long; Vinson Chiu, Krista Hsu; Richard Chen, Annie Xu; Alan Chuang, Madeline Sporkert

Under-17  (Triple Crown for Victoria Chen)

Boys Singles – Bryan Chow, Albert Li, Jordy Supandi, Nicholas Waller
Girls Singles– Victoria Chen, Alena Wang, Crystal Pan, Jenny Lu

Boys Doubles – Ryan Liu, Roberto Zeng; Raymond Hsia, Albert Li; Vinson Chiu, Brian Duong; Eric Cheung, Calvin Dai
Girls Doubles – Victoria Chen, Crystal Pan; Anna Tang, Alena Wang; Sonya Wang, Candy Zhang; Nga Pui Leung, Eugenia Yeo
Mixed Doubles – Victoria Chen, Pow Hwa Chan; Kevin Chan, Crystal Pan;Christopher Zhang, Anna Tang; Roberto Zeng, Stephanie Lam

Under – 19   (Daniel Chow wins all his participation) 

Boys Singles – Daniel Chow, Shawn Whong, William Cheung, Jan Banquiles
Girls Singles – Anna Tang, Christine Chen, Lily Wen, Rochelle Ng

Boys Doubles – Daniel Chow, Justin Ma; Jan Banquiles, Chetan Potu;Kevin Chan, William Cheung; Chad Naramore, Shawn Whong
Girls Doubles – Lisa Chang, Danae Long; Christine Chen, Rochelle Ng;Tiffany Chua, Lily Wen; Rebecca Wang, Christine Wang
Mixed Doubles – William Cheung, Christine Chen; Derek Chao, Danae Long; Timothy Yue, Lisa Chang; Shawn Whong, Rochelle Ng

The actual draw, games and the results in various rounds can be found in the following link –   ((

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