Club Feature- Rally Niagara Badminton Club

Jan. 31, 2012, 11:46 a.m. (ET)

Rally Niagara Badminton Club

Rally Niagara Badminton (RNBC) is located in North Tonawanda, NY, and was started by Michael and Cara Hacker.

The club provides a large gym with 5 courts that are regularly filled with a mixture of competitive and casual players, as well as families that play with their children. Junior classes for kids ranging in ages from 7 to 14 are also offered by the club, where basic skills are taught while intermingled with fun games that support badminton playing. “It is our goal for all who come, to feel welcome and enjoy the game of badminton” said Michael Hacker, co-founder of the RNBC with his wife, Cara.

RNBC offers three different sessions for all to enjoy badminton:

  • A Kid’s Instructional Badminton session, for 8-13 years old, featuring instruction, fun drills, and game play
  • A Junior Badminton session, for 10-13 years old, featuring instruction, drills, singles & doubles game play
  • An Open Badminton session, open to all levels of play (novice, intermediate, families, students, etc.)

“What makes our club unique is our vision to pass on the love of badminton to the community at large as well as the next generation of players,” continues Michael. “There has always been a great core of badminton enthusiasts in our area, largely due to the influence and work of USA badminton champions, Ethel Marshall and Bea Massman who are responsible for introducing badminton to many people and developing the sport.”

The club was able to organize a badminton tournament a few months ago, opened to students throughout the area as well as our Canadian friends across the border. The tournament was such a great success that another kids’ tournament has already been scheduled for this spring.

For more information about the Rally Niagara Badminton Club and the club’s schedule, feel free to contact Michael and Cara Hacker at, or go on their website at