2012 USA Badminton Junior International Trial Results

April 10, 2012, 12:45 p.m. (ET)

The USA Badminton successfully conducted its annual Junior International Trials (JIT) from April 6th to April 8th Easter weekend. The tournament was hosted by  Boston Badminton in Westborough, Massachusetts (www.bostonbadminton.com)

Over 660 games in various age categories from U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 were conducted during the 3-day weekend.  In each age category, players competed in singles, doubles and mixed doubles disciplines.

Young players from badminton clubs from across the country participated in the Tournament. Players from California, Washington, North Carolina, New Jersey and Boston figured prominently.

The Pan Am Junior Championships (PAJC) tournament is a very significant competition for young talented badminton players in the Pan American continent. The 2012 Pan Am Junior Championships which will be held in Edmonton, Toronto, Canada in July 2012. The Team Event is scheduled from July 22-24 while the Individual Event is scheduled from July 25-29.

Four boys and four girls will represent USA for the 2012 PAJC Team (Under 19) Event.  The top four ranked U-19 players have been invited to be a part of Team USA based on the JIT Team event procedure. The maximum entries for the Individual Event are: 4 boys’ singles, 4 girls’ singles, 2 boys’ doubles, 2 girls’ doubles and 4 mixed doubles. The 4 finishers of BS, GS and MX as well as the top 2 finishers of the BD and GD events of each age group are invited to be part of the US delegation.

The following players qualify to represent USA as part of the US delegation -

Boys’ Singles – Don Averia, Eric Duong, Tony Liuzhou, Joshua Yuan,
Girls’ Singles – Karina Chan, Tammy Xie, Cassandra Yu, Sasha Tang
Boys’ Doubles – Eric Duong, Tony Liuzhou; Brandon Xu, Joshua Yuan
Girls’ Doubles – Karina Chan, Tammy Xie; Sasha Tang, Cassandra Yu
Mixed Doubles – Eric Duong, Cassandra Yu; Trevor Tan, Karina Chan

Boys’ Singles - Xiu Liu, Derek Hu, Bryce Kan, Bobby Huang
Girls’ Singles – Joanna Liu, Breanna Chi, Karen Ma, Nadia Susanto
Boys’ Doubles – Derek Hu, Xiu Liu; Bryce Kan, Ethan Low
Girls’ Doubles – Joanna Liu, Karen Ma; Breanna Chi, Stephanie Yu
Mixed Doubles - Xiu Liu, Joanna Liu; Eric Chang, Breanna Chi

Boys’ Singles – Brian Duong, Vinson Chiu, Gokul Kalyanasundaram, Benjamin Chen,
Girls’ Singles – Crystal Pan, Soumya Gade, Jacquelyn Kan, Ivy Xie
Boys’ Doubles – Vinson Chiu, Brian Duong; Alan Chuang, Darren Lo
Girls’ Doubles – Nicole Frevold, Soumya Gade; Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert
Mixed Doubles – Brian Duong, Priscilla Long; Vinson Chiu, Krista Hsu

Boys’ Singles – Justin Ma, Alex Cheng, Christoper Kan, Ryan Chew
Girls’ Singles– Anna Tang, Stephanie Lam, Victoria Chen, Alena Wang
Boys’ Doubles – Raymond Hsia, Christopher Kan; Ryan Liu, Roberto Zeng
Girls’ Doubles – Victoria Chen, Crystal Pan; Anna Tang, Alena Wang
Mixed Doubles – Kevin Chan, Crystal Pan; Christopher Rodts, Soumya Gade

Under – 19
Boys’ Singles – Jeffrey Kuo, Alan Shekhtman, Daniel Chow, William Cheung,
Girls’ Singles – Iris Wang, Cherie Chow, Emily Kan, Christine Chen
Boys’ Doubles – Phillip Chew, Jeffery Kuo; Daniel Chow, Kenneth Hui
Girls’ Doubles – Emily Kan, Iris Wang; Cherie Chow, Christine Yang
Mixed Doubles – Phillip Chew, Iris Wang; Kenneth Hui, Cherie Chow

Winners in age categories and disciplines

Boys’ Singles: Don Averia; Runners-Up : Eric Duong

Girls’ Singles:  Karina Chan; Runners-Up: Tammy Xie

Boys Doubles: Eric Duong, Tony Liuzhou; Runners-Up : Brandon Xu, Joshua Yuan

Girls Doubles:  Karina Chan, Tammy Xie;  Runners Up: Sasha Tang, Cassandra Yu

Mixed Doubles: Eric Duong, Cassandra Yu; Runners Up : Karina Chan, Trevor Tan

Singles: Xiu Liu; Runners-Up : Derek Hu

Girls’ Singles:  Joanna Liu; Runners-Up: Breanna Chi

Boys’ Doubles: Derek Hu, Xiu Liu; Runners-Up : Bryce Kan, Ethan Low

Girls’ Doubles: Joanna Liu, Karen Ma;  Runners Up: Breanna Chi, Stephanie Yu

Mixed Doubles: Xiu Liu, Joanna Liu; Runners Up : Eric Chang, Breanna Chi

Boys’ Singles: Brian Duong; Runners-Up : Vinson Chiu

Girls’ Singles:  Crystal Pan; Runners-Up: Soumya Gade

Boys’ Doubles: Brian Duong, Vinson Chu ; Runners-Up : Alan Chuang, Darren Lo

Girls Doubles: Nicole Frevold, Soumya Gade; Runners Up: Priscilla Long, Madeline Sporkert

Mixed Doubles: Brian Duong, Priscilla Long; Runners Up : Vinson Chiu, Krista Hsu

Boys’ Singles: Justin Ma; Runners-Up : Alex Cheng

Girls’ Singles:  Anna Tang; Runners-Up: Stephanie Lam

Boys’ Doubles: Raymond Hsia,Christopher Kan; Runners-Up: Ryan Liu,Roberto Zeng

Girls’ Doubles: Crystal Pan, Victoria Chen ;  Runners Up: Anna Tang, Alena Wang

Mixed Doubles: Kevin Chan, Crystal Pan; Runners Up: Christopher Rodts,Soumya Gade

Boys’ Singles: Jeffrey Kuo; Runners-Up : Alan Shekhtman

Girls’ Singles: Iris Wang; Runners-Up: Cherie Chow

Boys’ Doubles: Phillip Chew, Jeffery Kuo; Runners-Up : Daniel Chow, Kenneth Hui

Girls’ Doubles: Emily Kan, Iris Wang;  Runners Up:  Cherie Chow, Christine Yang

Mixed Doubles: Phillip Chew, Iris Wang; Runners Up : Kenneth Hui, Cherie Chow

The actual draw, games and the results in various rounds can be found in the following link – http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=93C92C6D-3A07-48C1-80D5-CB35106017E6   ((http://tinyurl.com/bvg8a95))

About USA Badminton:
USA Badminton is the official national body for the sport of badminton located at the United States Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA Badminton sanctions and oversees tournaments conducted by member clubs nationwide, develops grassroots initiatives, fosters increased participation in the sport, certifies and educates coaches and prepares the nation’s best players to excel in international competitions including the Olympics.

USA Badminton sends teams to major international tournaments including the Olympics, Pan American Games, World Championships, Sudirman Cup (World Mixed Team Championships), Thomas Cup (World Men’s Team Championships) and Uber Cup (world Women’s Team Championships) and the World Junior Championships. USA Badminton also hosts major national events such as the U.S. Adult National Championships, U.S. Junior National Championships and the U.S. Senior National Championships. The organization maintains the national player rankings, publishes education materials on the sport and holds regular training camps and coaching clinics.

USA Badminton serves over 4000 registered competitive members nationwide and many more hundreds of thousands of recreational badminton players in the U.S. Nearly a million and a half people from over 50 nationalities play badminton frequently in the U.S. More information can be found at www.usabadminton.org

Press release prepared by: Venkatraman CK (ckvenkatram@gmail.com; 408.245.0193), Date: 04/08/2012