Broadcast of 2011 Pan American Games

Oct. 14, 2011, 3:54 p.m. (ET)
Terra to Broadcast Guadalajara 2011 Pan Am Games Live on 13 Channels

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Terra (, a global digital media company and content producer with a presence in 18 countries, provides details of their coverage of the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara. This will be the most comprehensive digital coverage of a sporting event of this nature. The Pan American Games are second only to the Olympics in magnitude, number of participants and number of sporting events. With an on-site studio, and a crew of 45, Terra will provide live streaming of all sports events through 13 simultaneous HD channels in English, Spanish and Portuguese to North, South, Central American and Caribbean sports fans. Streaming will also be available via On Demand through multiple platforms and devices.

Terra is offering its users a unique experience of the XVI Pan American Games, which will take place from October 14-30, 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Pan American Games are held every four years. More than 6,000 athletes are expected to compete in Guadalajara this fall, representing 42 nations from the Americas in 36 different sports. The inaugural ceremony is expected to be watched by 130 million people throughout the American continent and will include performances by Mexican artists Mana and Vicente Fernandez.

Coverage will be broadcast on Terra from a state-of-the-art studio in Guadalajara, built by the digital media company for these specific games. The crew of writers, producers and reporters from Terra USA will be on-site providing fans live minute-by-minute news, updates, highlights, photos and videos on demand straight from Guadalajara to ensure users have access to all the excitement and passion of a multi-sporting event such as this. Additionally, Terra's sports channel Terra Deportes USA available at, will offer original and complete video coverage, commentary, hundreds of hours of sports content through Terra TV, streaming video for each sport, special interviews and much more.

"We are thrilled to have the rights to live stream the Pan American Games to all of the US and Latin America. This will serve as the pre-amble to our London Olympics coverage in 2012 for which we also have the streaming rights. Terra aims to transform the way in which fans can follow their favorite teams and athletes by accessing a variety of relevant information and content, anytime and anywhere through our platforms," expressed Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Terra USA. "We will continue expanding our sports offer, making available even more user-generated content as well as real time and original programming to provide our users with a truly unique and interactive experience," added Rodriguez.

Terra will bring the games and updates to users whether at home or on-the-go with mobile coverage on smart phones and tablets. Not only will users be able to watch the best moments but also interact by leaving their comments, participating in chat rooms, and sharing their passion for the games through social networks.

Fans will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly sweepstakes to win original soccer jerseys as well as the chance to win a trip to Guadalajara to watch the games live.

This year's games will provide lots of excitement as the fastest man in America will be crowned in the 100-meter final on October 25th and the baseball final on the same date will feature Caribbean powerhouses Cuba and the Dominican Republic both seeking bragging rights. Female boxing will debut in the Pan American Games and the best amateur boxers in America will be looking to break through internationally. All eyes will be on the soccer field on October 28th for the soccer final as the U-20 World Champion Brazilian team and the host, Mexico, hope to be playing for Gold in what could be a titan's clash.

Ingrid Otero, Director of Programming and Content at Terra, said, "These will be the most exciting Pan American games to date, as the home team is expected to field its most competitive team ever, as well as Brazil who will hold the 2016 Olympic Games. They will be challenging U.S., Canada and Cuban athletes who have traditionally fared better in past games. Also, look for what will probably be the most exciting soccer competition prior to the Olympic Games with the U.S. trying to avenge a loss to Mexico in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup final and Brazil and Argentina trying to make a comeback after their disappointing performance in the 2011 Copa America tournament," added Otero.

Pan American Games' coverage is part of Terra's Road to 2012 (Rumbo a 2012), the coverage leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, for which Terra is the official Internet channel.

About Terra
Terra ( is a global digital media company and content producer with a presence in 18 countries, including the United States where it serves the growing Hispanic community. Focusing on lifestyle, entertainment, sports and news, Terra creates an interactive user experience for millions of U.S. Hispanics and provides comprehensive solutions for advertisers seeking exposure among this key demographic. In Latin America, Terra is the region's leading Internet company, with 93 million unique visitors per month. Fast Company recently named Terra in their ranking of The Most Innovative Companies in the World in music.






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Pan American Games 2011: Schedule, Live Stream and TV Info

The Pan American Games features 42 nations that will participate in 36 events beginning on October 14th and running until October 30th.

This year's event will be taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is set to be the largest sporting event of 2011.

According to the ESPN Media Zone,full coverage of the event will be available via ESPN Deportes.

ESPN Deportes will provide unmatched, daily coverage of the 16th edition of the Pan American Games live from Guadalajara, Mexico Friday, October 14 – Sunday, October 30. Coverage of the Games will be featured on ESPN Deportes, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes Radio, and ESPN Deportes La Revista. In addition, ESPN2 will provide additional coverage in English.

As noted there, you will also be able to stream the event live onESPN3.

Here is the full ESPN Deportes TV schedule:



Friday, October 14th 

8:55 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT 

Saturday, October 15th 

4 p.m. EDT - 5 p.m. EDT 


8 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT 

Sunday, October 16th 

3 p.m. EDT - 7 p.m. EDT 

Monday, October 17th 

4 p.m. EDT - 8 p.m. EDT 

Tuesday, October 18th 

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT 

Wednesday, October 19th 

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Thursday, October 20th

4 p.m. EDT - 8 p.m. EDT

Friday, October 21st

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Saturday, October 22nd

6 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Sunday, October 23rd

8 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Monday, October 24th

4 p.m. EDT - 8 p.m. EDT

Tuesday, October 25th

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Wednesday, October 26th

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Thursday, October 27th

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Friday, October 28th

4 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Saturday, October 29th

12 p.m. EDT - 2 p.m EDT

8 p.m. EDT - 11 p.m. EDT

Sunday, October 30th

9 a.m. EDT - 12 p.m. EDT

Here is the full schedule of events for this year's event:




October 17 - 22


October 15 - 20


October 19 - 22


October 21 - 23

Basque Pelota

October 21 - 27

Beach Volleyball

October 16 - 22


October 21 - 29


October 21 - 29


October 26 - 30


October 15 -22


October 26 - 29


October 15 - 29


October 24 - 29

Field Hockey

October 19 - 29

World Football

October 19 - 29


October 15 - 29


October 15 - 24


October 26 - 29


October 27 - 29

Modern Pentathlon

October 15 - 16


October 17 - 25

Roller Skating

October 23 - 27


October 15 - 19

Rugby Sevens

October 29-30


October 17 - 23


October 16 - 22


October 17 - 23


October 15 - 20


October 15 - 22

Synchronized Swimming

October 18 - 21

Table Tennis

October 15 - 20


October 15 - 18


October 23


October 15 - 29

Water Polo

October 23 - 29

Water Skiing

October 20 - 23


October 23 - 27


October 20 - 24