USAB Announces New Coach Development Program

Nov. 19, 2011, 6:19 p.m. (ET)

After the return of Mohan Subramaniam in late 2009 to serve as the Director of Coaching and High Performance, the USA Badminton (“USAB”) Board of Directors made a major commitment to developing a coaching development and certification system. This  initiative is strongly supported by the US Olympic Committee.

USAB Coach Development Program (CDP) Background
The new CDP is a result of the contributions  of many badminton coaches (USAB Coaching Department) from all around the USA. Several meetings were held between 2005 and 2006. When Mohan rejoined USA Badminton in late 2009, both he and Fred Coleman  continued with the development of the CDP with continuous input and support from the Coaching Department. USAB also would like to acknowledge the kind contributions of the Caffery Family which helped USAB in the initial foundation activities to design and set up the current USAB's Coach Development Program.

USAB Coach Development Program (CDP) Mission Statement – The mission statement of the USAB CDP is “to provide safe and quality coaching services for the badminton community.”

Coaching Tracks - The USAB Coach Development Program (CDP) will provide service to two distinctive coaching tracks – the Community Track for those who coach athletes of all ages, levels, abilities and interest and a High Performance Track for those who coach high performance athletes who compete at our national championships and internationally.

Coach Development Model - To see the overall graphic description of the new program, CLICK HERE.

Course focus
- After several pilot courses, USAB has now developed new courses for the Community Track - Level 1 & 2 Community Coach Courses. Both courses are more detailed and intensive than past Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

Courses are designed for a ‘specific participant community.’ Each course is made up of a number of competency units which are presented as ‘modules.’

Course Organization and Management
With in put and ideas from the Coaching Department, course organization and management is now in the early stages of going on line. The database system is managed by RailStation. This includes on line coach directory, course registration, course organization, coach evaluation, e-certificate, etc

Prerequisites for entering a USAB coaching course – For the new CDP, course participants must complete the following before registering for a course:  (1) join USAB as a member, (2) complete a background check, (3) complete First Aid & CPR courses and (4) complete mandatory sports foundation courses with ASEP (American Sport Education Program) For ASEP foundation courses designed for badminton, CLICK HERE    This pre-course sports foundation prerequisite may be waived by USAB if the participant concerned has the relevant sports training education foundation.

Long Term High Performance Coach Development
- While focusing on the Community Track to grow broad based participation in the sport, USAB is also committed to develop its own USA trained High Performance Coaches. USAB has encouraged former and current High Performance Athletes holding a USAB Level 1 Coaching Certificate to serve as assistant coaches at the Pan Am Junior Championships. This event provides an opportunity for Senior, High Performance Coaches from the USAB High Performance Pool to evaluate and guide the assistant coaches. These coaches are then upgraded as Provisional Level 2 High Performance Coaches. USAB ran a pilot High Performance Coach Competency Assessment in the Bay Area in October, 2011. Two High performance Coaches (Raju Rai and Kowi Chandra) were involved in this first pilot project - High Performance Coach Competency Assessment.

Certification - Currently all those who have previously completed certification with USAB in the earlier format/structure will still be certified if they so desire. All previously and currently trained coaches have been adjusted and moved into the two coaching tracks.  

USAB Certified Coach - In the new CDP, a Certified USAB Coach is a coach who:

  • has successfully attended and completed a USAB endorsed coaching course,
  • has current USAB Membership and is in good standing with USAB,
  • has an active current background check ( by  the National Center for Safety
  • Initiatives is a USOC endorsed background  
    check  administering agency),
  • holds a current First-Aid and CPR Certificate,
  • has attended a face-to-face USAB Coaches’ Code of Ethics and Conduct Training,
  • is familiar with Athlete’s Rights under USOC guidelines.

Active Coaches - from January 1, 2012 onward, in order for coaches to remain as an Active Coach USAB Certified Coach, they have to meet the minimum requirement of having a current USAB Membership and current background check. USAB will announce for other prerequisites to be a Certified Coach which will be made mandatory at a later time.

Inactive Coaches - Coaches, who have completed their certification in the previous system but do not wish to continue their development, but only maintain their current USAB Membership, will be deemed as Inactive Coaches.

USAB Coach Directory - USAB currently publishes the names of coaches who are current USAB members and those whose USAB membership has lapsed. All coaches whose USAB membership has lapsed, have until December 31, 2011 to renew their membership so that their names will be listed on the USAB Coach Directory.  CLICK HERE To Go To The USAB Coach Directory.  (Note:  If a coach's status is "Inactive", it will be noted (Inactive) beside his/her name. If there are no remarks, then he/she is an Active USAB Certified Coach).

Certificates – Effective November 15, 2011, USAB will cease issuing hard copy certificates after each course. Participants who have successfully completed a course and Active (USAB Certified) Coaches will be able to ‘print’ certificates through their USAB profile at any time. 

Inactive Coaches and coaches whose membership has lapsed will only be able to print their certificates until December 31, 2011

Coaches who would like to have a more formal hard copy certificate can request the USAB National Office to organize but they will have to pay USAB a $10 fee for administrative and mailing costs.

In the near future, recertification and continuing education will be required to maintain active certification.

Maintaining Coaching Record - If a coach opens a new profile, he/she will lose all previous coaching records and will not be able to print certificates. His/her old records will only be maintained under the old profile.

Importance of maintaining a correct email address
- It is important for coaches to maintain a current and working email because the system and/or coaching department can contact you regarding important announcements; such as membership expiration reminders, background check expiration reminder, etc. If you have forgotten your password to your profile, or forgotten your email address you used to register, contact USAB at 719-866-4808.

For more information go to:

For further inquiries contact Mohan Subramaniam, Director of Coaching & High Performance at

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