2012 Team USAB Adult Trials Results

Dec. 05, 2011, 11:39 a.m. (ET)

Congratulations to all 42 athletes who participated in the 2012 USAB Team USA Adult Trials on December 2nd-4th. Three days of excellent competition were held at Boston Badminton Club, the first time an elite event of this type has been held on the East coast, and as result the following players have qualified to represent the USA in the 2012 Thomas and Uber Cups, and in the 2012 Pan-American Championships:

2012 Thomas Cup Team

Howard Bach
Phillip Chew
Tony Gunawan
Nicholas Jinadasa
Sattawat Pongnairat
Howard Shu

2012 Uber Cup Team

Eva Lee
Paula Lynn Obanana
Jamie Subandhi
Iris Wang
Rena Wang

2012 Pan-American Championships Team

Howard Bach
Kyle Emerick
Tony Gunawan
Sattawat Pongnairat
Eva Lee
Paula Lynn Obanana
Jamie Subandhi
Iris Wang

The placed finishers in each event were as follows:

Men’s Singles
1.   Sattawat Pongnairat

2.   Howard Shu
3.   Nicholas Jinadasa
4.   Arnold Setiadi
5.   Alan Shekhtman
6.   James Young
7.   Lee Chern
8.   Ryan Chew

Women’s Singles

1.   Iris Wang
2.   Rena Wang
3.   Jamie Subandhi
4.   Karyn Velez
5.   Sharon Ng
6.   Vimla Phongasavithas
7.   Phyllis Lin
8.   Nicole Frevold

Men’s Doubles

1.   Howard Bach – Tony Gunawan
2.   Phillip Chew – Sattawat Pongnairat
3.   Sameera Gunatileka – Vincent Nguy
4.   Ben Hussey – Quinn Hussey
5.   Nadeera Gunatileka – Matt Johnson
6.   Lee Chern – James Young
7.   Christopher Colcord – Nick Vered
8.   Darren Yang – Jerry Yang

Women’s Doubles
1.   Eva Lee – Paula Lynn Obanana
2.   Iris Wang – Rena Wang
3.   Panita Phongasavithas – Vimla Phongasavithas
4.   Min Chern – Phyllis Lin

Mixed Doubles

1.   Kyle Emerick – Jamie Subandhi
2.   Howard Shu – Karyn Velez
3.   Sutanto Wibowo – Panita Phongasavithas
4.   Nick Vered – Min Chern
5.   Christopher Colcord – Nicole Frevold

The complete Trials results can be found at www.tournamentsoftware.com