The XII Bill Graham Miami Pan Am Semifinals Begin Today

Nov. 12, 2010, 10:57 a.m. (ET)

The quarterfinals of the XII Bill Graham Miami Pan Am in Miami Lakes, FL concluded on Thursday, November 11th.  Results can be seen at the following website: 

Semifinal matches start on Friday, November 12th at 6 PM.   

The following is a schedule for the upcoming semifinal matches:

6:00 PM                ms          Mauricio Casillas [MEX]   -              [USA] Hock Lai Lee [2]

6:10 PM                ms          Kevin Cordon [1] [GUA]   -              [ITA] Rosario Maddaloni

6:30 PM                ws          Nicole Grether [1] [GER]   -              [USA] Priscilla Lun

6:40 PM                ws          Agnese Allegrini [ITA]       -              [CAN] Charmaine Reid [2]

7:00 PM                md         Sameera Gunatileka [1] [USA] Vincent Nguy [USA]          -                                          [GUA] Rodolfo Ramirez [GUA] Pedro Yang

7:10 PM                md         Mauricio Casillas [MEX] Lino Munoz [MEX]                      -             

                                           [SUR] Virgil Soeroredjo [SUR] Mitchel Wongsodikromo

7:30 PM                wd          Nicole Grether [1] [GER] Charmaine Reid [CAN]              -                                           [MEX] Deyanira Angulo [MEX] Aileen Chinas

7:40 PM                wd          Christine Selchow [GER] Pricille Tjitrodipo [SUR]            -                                           [MEX] Cynthia Gonzalez [2] [MEX] Victoria Montero

8:00 PM                xd           Lino Munoz [1] [MEX] Cynthia Gonzalez [MEX]              -             

                                            [NZL] Bjorn Seguin [MEX] Deyanira Angulo

8:10 PM                xd           Mitchel Wongsodikromo [SUR] Pricille Tjitrodipo [SUR] -                                            [USA] Hock Lai Lee [2] [USA] Priscilla Lun

Finals will begin on Saturday, November 13th at 2 PM. 

Thanks to our athletes and sponsors for making this a great event so far: Yonex, Don Shula's Hotel and Resort, Miami-Dade Sports Commission,, Spam All-Stars