Uber Cup: USA Pan Am Zone Champions! Thomas Cup: USA Fourth

Feb. 21, 2010, 11:55 p.m. (ET)

Uber Cup Finals Update: USA First, Peru Second

February 21 - USA played Peru again at 4:00pm. This time it was the finals. The line up was a repeat of the Group X tie. Rena Wang took to the courts for first singles against Claudia Rivero. Rena gave one of her best performances ever in the longest match of the qualifiers, 1hour ten minutes! Rena took the nail bitting first game at 24-22. However, Claudia's experience gave her the edge. Claudia won the second game and the rubber 21-17, 21-14.  The second singles saw Eva Lee pitted against Christina Aicardi again. However, unlike their meeting in the group tie, Eva was in her true element. Eva won in straight games, 21-4, 21-18. With the score tied at 1-1, the USA team were relieved. Cee Ketpura stepped in for third singles against Alejandra Menteverde. Alejandra could not cope in the first game and crumbled 9-21. In the second, Alejandra played better but Cee was too consistent and won 21-18. USA was 2-1 up and they had their top pair, Eva Lee/Mesinee Mangkalakiri on court for first doubles against Claudia Rivero/Christina Aicardi. The Peruvians gave their all in the first game but Olympians Eva/Mesinee were steady and won the game 21-18. The second game was an easier affair for the USA pair. They won 21-8 and the tie. USA Uber Cup Team won the qualifiers!

Women's Singles 1 - Rena Wang (USA) vs Claudia Rivero (Peru) 24-22, 17-21, 14-21
Women's Singles 2 - Kuei-Ya Chen(USA) vs Christina Aicardi(Peru) 21-4, 21-18
Women's Singles 3 - Cee Ketpura (USA) vs Alejandra Monteverde (Peru) 21-9, 21-18
Women's Doubles 1 - Eva Lee/Mesinee Mangkalakiri (USA) vs Claudia Rivero/Christina Aicardi (Peru) 21-18, 21-8

Final score : USA 3, Peru 1

Thomas  Cup Update: USA Fourth, Guatemala Third  

February 21 - USA played Guatemala today at 4:00pm for the third/fourth place. Once again, USA players gave their best despite a very tough semi-final tie in the morning against Peru. Guatemala managed to hang on and they took the three singles.

Men's Singles 1 - Nicholas Jinadasa (USA) vs Kevin Cordon (Guatemala) 12-21, 12-21
Men's Singles 2 - Sattawat Pongnairat (USA) vs Rodolfo Ramirez (Guatemala) 15-21, 17-21
Men's Singles 3 - Daniel Gouw (USA) vs Pedro Yang (Guatemala  19-21, 22-24

Final score : Guatemala 3, USA 0