2010 Pan American Badminton Championships – Individual Event

Aug. 23, 2010, 4:28 p.m. (ET)

Pan American Badminton Championships – Individual Event
Date: October 21-24 ( after the Team Event October 19-20)

Venue: Curitiba, Brazil

Event Grade: Badminton World Federation Grand Prix Event

1. Funding
There is no funding available for the individual championships.

2. Entry Size
BPAC allows a maximum of 4 players for Men’s Singles, 4 players for Women’s Singles, 2 pairs for Men’s  Doubles (4 players), 2 pairs for  Women’s Doubles (4 players)and 4 pairs for Mixed Doubles (4 Men and 4 Women players).

3. Entry condition
3.1. Official selection to the individuals event is through written correspondence only from USA Badminton; all verbal discussion is unofficial.
3.2. The Pan Am Individual Championships is open to all athletes who are currently members in good standing with USA Badminton, Badminton Pan Am and the BWF.
3.3. Athletes must have paid all outstanding invoices to USA Badminton at least 30 days prior to departure.
Athletes must have signed the USAB Athlete’s Code of Conduct ( If they have not done so for 2010, they must complete the USAB Athlete’s Code of Conduct and email or fax the USAB office 30 days prior to departure).
There are a limited number of entry positions available for USA Badminton.  In the event that there are more entries received than positions available, the following criteria will be used:
a)      Singles: The singles player's world ranking will be used for selection.
b)      Doubles and Mixed Doubles: The pair’s world ranking will be used for selection

3.6. If no world ranking data is available on the players, then the team trial results will be used as the next selection criteria. 

4. Entry deadline
In order to avoid any inconvenience in case more players apply, USAB is setting its deadline much earlier. All entries must be made by email to Mohan at mohan@usabdminton.org August 25th, 2010 by 5:00PM  MST by. This deadline is currently correct at this time and it is subject to change. The cut-off world ranking date which will be used for selecting players for the individual events is the Thursday, August 19th, 2010

5.Entry Fees                          
Entry fees will be collected in cash at the start of the tournament.  If entry fees are not paid prior to play, the host has the right to disqualify participants/team.

6. Transport
6.1. Complimentary shuttle transportation will be available to and from the airport
(Curitiba International airport) to the official tournament hotel. 

6.2. Complimentary shuttle transportation will be provided during the tournament to and from the official tournament hotel and venue only. 

Mercure Hotel Curitiba Centro
Rua Emiliano Perneta 747, Centro
Curitiba- Parana
Tel. 55 41 3234 1212
Fax 55 41 33 23 7900
Email : reservasmercure@terra.com.br

Contact person : Leandro or Leticia

Rate : Singles or Doubles room  -  $109 USdollars + 5% taxes per room (Breakfast included)