USA wins 44 medals in 2009 Pan Am Junior Individual Championships

Sept. 09, 2009, 10:43 a.m. (ET)

It was not easy for many players as it was their first time playing badminton in such hot and humid weather.  Everyone tried their very best and whether they won a medal or not, they  formed great friendships with other US players as well as players from other countries.

Congratulations to all 2009 Pan Am Junior players for a job well done. Thank you for the support of all the parents and the hard work of our coaches. Without their dedication, we could not have such a successful result!

Medal Tally

  • Gold      - 14
  • Silver     - 13
  • Bronze   - 17
Individual Medalists
  Gold Silver Bronze
1 Joanna Liu U11 XD U11 GD  
2 Cadmus Yeo U11 XD   U11 BS
    U11 BD    
3 Richard Chen U11 BD   U 11 XD
4 Karen Ma   U 11 GS U 11 XD
      U 11 GD  
5 Andre Wang   U 11 XD  
      U 11 BD  
6 Jacquelyn Kan   U 11 XD  
7 Jackie Tam   U 11 BD  
8 Breanna Chi     U 11 GS
        U 11 GD
8 Stephanie Yu     U 11 GS
10 Julie Yeung     U 11 GD
11 Cindy Yuan     U 11 XD
12 Bryce Kan     U 11 XD
13 Anna Tang U13 GS U13 GD  
    U13 XD    
14 Crystal Pan U13 GD   U13 XD
        U13 GS
15 Christine Yang U13 GD U13 XD  
      U13 GS  
16 Christopher Kan U13 XD    
17 Timothy Lam U13 BD   U13 XD
        U13 BS
18 Darren Yang U13 BD   U13 BS
19 Angela Zhang   U13 GD  
20 Albert Li   U13 BS  
21 Justin Ma   U13 XD  
      U13 BD  
22 Vinson Chiu   U13 BD  
23 Micaela Lum     U13 GS
24 Sonya Wong     U13 XD
25 Christopher Li     U13 XD
26 Samantha Li U15 XD U15 GS  
    U17 GD    
27 Zandra Ho U15 GS U15 XD  
28 William Cheung U15 XD    
    U15 BD    
29 Derrick Long U15 BD    
30 Kenneth Hui   U15 BS  
31 Alan Shekhtman   U15 XD  
32 Ryan Ke     U15 BD
33 Chetan Potu     U15 BD
34 Angela Lin     U15 GD
35 Jenny Lu     U15 GD
36 Iris Wang U17 GS    
    U17 XD    
    U19 GD    
37 Emily Kan U17 GD    
38 Phillip Chew U17 XD   U17 BD
39 Sharon Ng   U17 XD  
40 Brandon Chi   U17 XD  
41 Lee Chern     U17 BD
42 Philip Donlon     U17 BD
43 Andrew Susanto     U17 BD
44 Rena Wang U19 GS    
      U19 GD    
45 Zenas Lam     U19 BD
46 Marvin Lin     U19 BD

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