2009 USA Badminton Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Trial Deadline Extended

Oct. 09, 2009, 5:25 p.m. (ET)

Trial Dates: December 27-28, 2009
Venue Sponsor: Golden Gate Badminton Club, Menlo Park, California

Subsequent to the 2009 USA Badminton Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Trial information posted on 9/9/09, USAB received updated information from Badminton Pan America Confederation (BPAC) stating that entries per country will be limited to up to FOUR (4) players in each event ( 4 boys and 4 girls) . As a result of this opportunity, registration for the USA Badminton YOG Trial will be extended.

New Entry Deadline
The revised entry form is only for new registering players. Players who have previously registered do not have to register again and all the new conditions in the revised entry form shall apply.

The new deadline is Saturday, October 31, 2009. The revised entry form is attached. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Qualifying for the YOG 2010 Continental Qualification event in Lima, Peru

  • FOUR (4) top players in each event will qualify to represent USA at YOG 2010 Continental Qualification event in Lima, Peru.
  • If there are only four (4) or fewer athletes that register for each event (Boy's Singles or Girl's Singles) by October 31, 2009, those athletes will automatically qualify to compete at the YOG 2010 Continental Championships Qualification event. No trials will be run for that particular event.

For more information contact Amy Ng, Camp & Trial Coordinator, 408-472-9282, (amyng2000@hotmail.com), or Mohan Subramaniam, USAB Director of Coaching & High Performance, 719-866-4808 (mohan@usabadminton.org)  

 Click here for USAB YOG Revised Entry Form.