Junior Team USA Camp

Oct. 07, 2009, 5:02 p.m. (ET)

Date: 28-29 December, 2009

Venue: Golden Gate Club, Menlo Park

Coaches: Bob Malaythong & Raju Rai

Badminton in the USA is flourishing judging from this year's Junior Nationals and Pan Am Junior Championships, thanks to the many clubs, the many coaches and enthusiastic parents. It takes a great deal of hard work for a club to build a team. Therefore, to supplement the development of the many talented individual athletes from all over the USA, the Junior Committee and the Coaching Department have planned a series of camps.

The first such development camp is scheduled between the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Trial and the (JIT) Junior International Trial (28-29 December, 2009)

The camp theme "Effective Play" will focus on tactics. The camp will be led by Bob Malaythong and Raju Rai who are doubles and singles specialist players respectively. Both Bob and Raju are Olympians and are products of USAB's development initiatives in the late 90s. With their wide range of experience, training with many top coaches and players from around the world, they are eager to give back to the development USA juniors.

Camps are an excellent approach to manage young talent.  They provide the opportunity and environment for junior players from different clubs and regions to work as a team. Such camps intend to complement the good work of clubs, personal coaches and parents, as well as an opportunity to work with different coaches. It takes a long time for a club to develop talented individuals into a team. As many top USA juniors sometimes compete as a team, it is vital to develop team spirit and cohesiveness. With the challenges posed by different school schedules, distance and limited funds, it is necessary to maximize any available time to develop a team and the camp approach provides the most effective means.

For more information contact Amy Ng Camp & Trial Coordinator, 408-472-9282, amyng2000@hotmail.com) or Mohan Subramaniam USAB Director of Coaching & High Performance, 719-866-4808 (mohansubra@gmail.com)