The Role of an At Large Director

May 05, 2009, 5:42 p.m. (ET)

With the new USA Badminton Board of Directors (BOD) structure (see By Laws, see Meeting the New BOD article) the role of At Large Directors is in need of examination. In the past, Regional Directors were tasked with representing to the Board the needs of their particular Region.

The two At large Directors have a responsibility to all general members of USA Badminton. There are many ways to do this and Geoff Stensland and Fred Coleman are willing to explore with all of you how best to make this work.

1) All regions except the Northwest currently have Regional Governance with specifically designated leadership.

2) Some states have specifically designated leadership (California even has two - SCBA, NCBA).

3) There are a rapidly growing number of Badminton Clubs, each with its own internal structure, but lacking any unifying body to give them a clear voice.

While being only two people (who are volunteers, with jobs to which we must attend and no formal budget), Fred and Geoff would like to form active relationships with the membership of USA Badminton


1) We would like to know that current information on Regional Associations, State Associations, and clubs including leadership and contact information is centrally available to us on the USAB website.

 2) We both travel, Fred for Juniors' related issues and Geoff to play and reconnect to serve the Board. We would like whenever we visit an area for other duties to

                     - meet with local leadership for updates both ways

                     - hold open Question and Answer sessions with members.

 3) We would like to receive minutes of your meetings, copies of your strategic plans and questions/issues for forward to the BOD.

 4) We see ourselves as your (regions, state associations, clubs') delegates to the BOD, where we will try to faithfully represent your interests and concerns, although as all BOD members we will vote for the good of the whole - all of USAB.