USA Badminton Membership Now Online with Railstation

June 15, 2009, 5:07 p.m. (ET)

Effective June 15, 2009, the pricing structure for USA Badminton Membership will change.  All memberships will be $30.00 unless a lifetime membership is being purchased.  USAB Membership will consist of four different categories of membership.  These categories are:

Athlete- Athlete members are those individuals who register as competitive athletes and are eligible for competition in badminton
Coach- Coach members are those individuals who register as active coaches and who are certified as Level One (1) through Four (4) coaches by USA Badminton
Technical Official- Technical Official members are those individuals who register as an active court official (Referee, Umpire or Line Judge)
General Member- Generel members are those individuals who register as general members and who are interested in the purpose, program and objectives of USAB

Answer NO to questions
Complete Profile-click next
Select USA Badminton Direct-click next
Approve waiver-click next
Process credit card & print receipt & click HOME

Getting Assigned to a Club/Association:
Contact USA Badminton membership to process a membership for your club
When your club is entered into the data base, the Club Contact will be assigned
If you are a Club Contact and don't have a record in the system you can create one
Go to & click JOIN/RENEW graphic & follow directions to join

Answer YES to questions & click LOGIN
Enter email & password, go to step #9
Forgot your email/password?
Click either FORGOT EMAIL or PASSWORD link
Enter info & submit
(email: if you need any info)
Password will be sent to your email
Return to Login page-enter login info
Click RENEW link- top left of page
Update Profile-click next
Select USA Badminton Direct-click next
Approve waiver-click next
Process credit card & print receipt & click HOME

Go to:
lick on Membership Services Tab (above Rankings tab)
Click on MANAGE YOUR PROFILE  link or go to:
Login & click PRINT MEMBERSHIP CARD button in profile
Print dialog box appears-click Print (load card stock in your printer)

Technology & Systems Update:  In order to bring USA Badminton into the 21st century, USAB entered into an agreement with Barnet Consulting Inc. (BCI) to provide USAB with a web-based data base system for membership and events.  RAILSTATION, the BCI system, offers a fully integrated membership module with complete results reporting; providing "real-time" rankings through events administration & management of USAB's back-office operations, using Microsoft internet and database technologies.  The scalable Microsoft architecture gives USAB "full audit trail & transparency" for our financial & membership data.  BCI is a Microsoft Certified Partner, starting in 1994.  BCI is also a Certified Public Accounting firm.  We encourage everyone to make sure their membership is current, so you don't miss out on the exciting features being rolled out in the next several months.

Phase 1 - RAILSTATION rollout is completed, including:
USAB Membership module & data conversion
Credit card & check processing-online or by USAB office
Member account features: member login, Manage My Profile, printable membership card
"Where to Play" - club listing on Click on: PLAY  tab

Phase 2 - RAILSTATION rollout May-June 2009, to include:
Online club & event sanctioning
Real-time tournament results, graphical draws
Singles , doubles & teams
National/Local Leagues (inter & intra club + all team formats)
Box League (flexible scheduling & self administering)
Real-time rankings: singles-full match drill down
Integration of RailStation results & rankings pages into (iframe technology)

Phase 3 - RAILSTATION rollout Summer 2009, to include:
Tournament & League training initiative
Local/Regional administrators & volunteer network
Begin online sanctioning process & tournament planning in RailStation
Dynamic tournament schedule, final cut, wait list & start time reports
Automated emails for winner/loser path & player updates during event
Move to 100% match entry & reporting for all sanctioned tournaments
Rankings updates reflecting real-time results and more...