2009 USA Junior National Badminton Championships Takes Off

July 21, 2009, 4:36 p.m. (ET)

The 2009 USA Junior National Badminton Championships, with special sponsorship from K & D Graphics kicked off in style without a hitch. This year's series is hosted and organized by Orange County Badminton Club back to back with the 2009 USA Open. The championship starts today, 20th July and will end on the 25th. The 2009 championships has the biggest ever entries with 287 participants from 9 large clubs and many smaller clubs, regions and states with 75 percent of the entries coming from clubs. The entries also include the 61 players who have registered to compete in the 2009 Pan American Junior Championships in Puerto Rico ( 17-23 August) which itself is the largest ever USA junior entry for an international event outside the USA.

Fred Coleman, Junior Committee Chair and USA Badminton (USAB) Board Member, was elated with the numbers and the growth of the 9 large clubs that contribute 75 percent of the participants. He hopes soon to see large training clubs in every part of the country. In his opinion, this year's theme for the championships should be "Bigger, Better." This fits nicely with the people involved such as the organizer, competition officials, junior reps and committee, parents and the participants.

The 2009 USA Junior Championships warmed up with several meetings yesterday for the USA Juniors Committee, players and coaches/parents. The committee chaired by Fred Coleman, included  Widya Susanto (Southern California/Los Angeles), Amy and Raymond Ng ( Northern California /Bay Area), Yin Fang, Lai ( Region 4 /Northern-Western/ Seattle), Teresa Kramer (Region 1/ Maryland-Boston) and Ruth Menchaca (Region 3 - absent due to death in family. The Junior Committee meeting discussed various issues which included competition rules and regulations, athlete development through camps, the revival of squads and increasing opportunities for international play, etc. The committee hopes to see that live ranking will go on line within a couple of weeks through the services of Railstation which is handling USAB's online projects for membership and competition. The minutes of the meeting will available within 2 weeks after the 2009 USA Junior Championships on the USAB website and can also be accessed on www.usjrbadminton.com