Results of 2009 Team USA Trials and 2009 USA Badminton Team

Jan. 07, 2009, 4:34 p.m. (ET)

As a result of the Team USA Adult Trials held at Golden Gate Badminton Club on January 2nd-4th, the 2009 USA Badminton Team will consist of the following four men and four women:

Howard Bach
Tony Gunawan
Sattawat Pongnairat
Howard Shu
Eva Lee
Daphne Ng
Lauren Todt
Lili Zhou

Congratulations to these eight athletes and to all 53 competitors who participated in these Trials which was a record entry for an Adult Trials event. The team named above will have the opportunity to represent the USA at the 2009 Sudirman Cup in Guangzhou, China on May 12th-17th, and in the 2009 Pan-American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 20th-25th. In the event that an athlete cannot go, alternate athletes will be selected from the lists below according to the selection procedure announced previously (see earlier news item entry).

The top eight finishers in each Trials event were as follows (bold type athletes selected onto the 2009 U.S. team):

Men's Singles
1.   Sattawat Pongnairat
2.   Howard Shu
3.   Ted Shear
4.   Nicholas Jinadasa
5.   Matt Johnson
6.   Igor Marmer
7.   Yau Hwa Chan
8.   Arnold Setiadi

Women's Singles
1.   Lili Zhou
2.   Eva Lee
3.   Jamie Subandhi
4.   Rena Wang
5.   Kuei Ya Chen
6.   Lauren Todt
7.   Iris Wang
8.   Vimla Phongasavithas

Men's Doubles
1.   Howard Bach / Tony Gunawan
2.   Sameera Gunatileka / Vincent Nguy
3.   Ted Shear / James Young
4.   Steven Jonatan / Arnold Setiadi
5.   Kyle Emerick / Dung Truong
6.   Phillip Chew / Sattawat Pongnairat
7.   Tuan La / Shiuh-Wuu Liu
8.   Jack Dinh / Andy Tran

Women's Doubles
1.   Daphne Ng / Lauren Todt
2.   Eva Lee / Mesinee Mangkalakiri
3.   Panita Phongasavithas / Vimla Phongasavithas
4.   Rulan Yeh - Rulien Yeh
5.   Kuei Ya Chen / Jamie Subandhi
6.   Iris Wang / Rena Wang
7.   Priscilla Lun / Sara Vang
8.   Sarah Chan / Tracy Chan

Men's Doubles
1.   Howard Bach / Eva Lee
2.   Nicholas Jinadasa / Daphne Ng
3.   Arnold Setiadi / Jamie Subandhi
4.   Yau Hwa Chan / Rena Wang
5.   Vincent Nguy / Rulan Yeh
6.   Phillip Chew / Mesinee Mangkalakiri
7.   Sameera Gunatileka / Rulan Yeh
8.   Howard Shu / Lauren Todt

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