2009 Junior Pan American Qualifiers

Feb. 25, 2009, 12:28 p.m. (ET)

USA Badminton is pleased to announce the qualifiers for the 2009 Junior Pan American Badminton Tournament August 17 to 23 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


            For age groups U-11, U-13, U-15, and U-17 there is no team event. There are individual tournament brackets for boys singles (BS), girls singles (GS), boys doubles (BD), girls doubles (GD) and mixed doubles (XD). The US is allowed to send 4 BS players, 4 GS players, 2 BD pairs (4 players), 2 GD pairs, 4 XD pairs (4 players) or 4 boys and/or 4 girls for each event. The postings indicate the qualifiers and the alternates (if someone for reason of health/injury can not go). A doubles team qualifies as a pair. If one partner cannot go, no substitution is allowed - neither goes and the next eligible pair becomes eligible. Only if no complete pair can go is repairing allowed (e.g. 8th place pair gets a shot before a remade pair of a #2 pair plus a #4 finisher).



U-11 Results in order (those in bold qualify)
Boys Singles U-11Girls SinglesMixed DoublesBoys DoublesGirls Doubles
Cadmus YeoJoanna LiuC Yeo/J LiuR Chen/C YeoJ Liu/K Ma
Richard ChenBreanna ChiR Chen/C YuanJ Tam/A WangB Chi/J Yeung
Jackie TamKaren MaB Kan/K Ma
Bobby HuangStephanie YuA Wang/J Kan
Andre WangAngela HuangJ Tam/S YuB Kong/R KongA Xu/K Xu
Zachary ChangAnnie XuB Kong/B ChiZ Chang/J HuJ Chang/J Kan
Justin HuCindy YuanZ Chang/A HuangR Baum/B HuangA Gong/C Yuan
Bradford KongJessica ChangB Chen/J ChangS Yu/M Zhang

U-13 Results in order (those in bold qualify)
Boys Singles U-13Girls SinglesMixed DoublesBoys DoublesGirls Doubles
Timothy LamAnna TangC Kan/A TangT Lam/D YangC Pan/C Yang
Justin MaChristine YangT Lam/C PanV Chiu/J MaA Tang/A Zhang
Raymond HsiaMichaela LumJ Ma/C Yang
Albert LiCrystal PanC Li/S Wong
Darren YangVicky ChenA La/V ChenC Kan/C LiS Wong/C Zhang
Vinson ChiuAngela ZhangD Yang/A ZhangM Huang/A Li
Alex LaCandy ZhangV Chiu/M LumR Hsia/A Narkar
Christopher KanHillary LaiA Li/C Zhang

U-15 Results in order (those in bold qualify)
Boys Singles U-15Girls SinglesMixed DoublesBoys DoublesGirls Doubles
William CheungZandra HoW Cheung/S LiW Cheung/D LongR Baker/V Chen
Kenneth HuiSamantha LiK Hui/C ChowR Ke/C PotuT Chua/P Lin
Alan ShekhtmanRenata BakerA Shekthman/Z Ho
Chetan PotuJenni LuR Ramakhrisnan/A Lin
Gavin ChanCherie ChowK La/R BakerR Chew/K HuiH Lai/A Lin
Ryan KeAngela LinK Chan/T ChuaK Chan/R Liu
Kevin Chan
Jin PengPhillis LinN Waller/P Lin

U-17 Results in order (those in bold qualify)
Boys Singles U-17Girls SinglesMixed DoublesBoys DoublesGirls Doubles
Phillip ChewIris WangJ Kuo/C HardiP Chew/A SusantoK Hsu/S Ng
Charles YangKarine HsuB Chi/S NgJ Kuo/M BuasanE Kan/S Li
Randy MaSharon NgP Pelegri/P Shindgikar
Patrick PelegryEmily KanP Chew/I Wang
Lee ChernPhoebe LinA Susanto/E KanP Donlon/L ChernC Chow/C Hardi
Gary WangClaudia HardiM Buasan/K HsuB Chi/G WangT Chan/T Wong
Michael BuasanPriyanka ShindgikarK Hui/T WongK Hui/A KhorP Lin/C Wu
Andrew SusantoTheresa LiuG Wang/D LongR Ma/C YangD Long/J Xu
   P Pelegry/K BohrT Liu/P Shindgikar
   J Huang/T ZhuangT Chua/L Tong

The U-19 process is different. Four boys and four girls qualify for the U-19 team based on the posted criteria;
  1. Winners of the events (singles, doubles, mixed)
  2. If all four slots are not full, the second place singles finisher qualifies
  3. If all slots are still not filled, a ranking by total finish points across all events determines further qualifiers.
  4. Team members play the U-19 team event the first 3 days. Pairings may be rearranged by the coach to create the greatest likelihood of team success.
  5. Team members are given first opportunity for the individual tournament events. If the team members fill all the individual singles events, no further players go for singles. If they do not fill singles slots, further openings up to the total of 4 players are filled in order by the singles finishes from the JIT. If team members pair up with each other to fill the doubles or mixed doubles slots, no one else goes. If the team members do not choose to pair with each other, or wish to play only 1 or 2 events to increase their medal chances, the unfilled slots are filled by the next finishers from the JIT (a team member may not pair with a non-team member, unless they are the next eligible from JIT, and the potential team partner has elected not to play the event).

    U-19 Team Qualifiers
    Team MembersEventsTeam MembersEvents
    Terrence Pang1st BSRena Wang1st GS, GD, MX
    Zenas Lam1st BDIris Wang1st GD
    Marvin Lin1st BDRachel Liao2nd GS
    Yaw Hwa Chan1st MXIsabel Zhong35

    U-19 Team Alternates in order of points
    Brendan Lum22.5Beckie Neumann30
    Eric Kuo20Tracy Chan12.5
    Randy Hsia7.5Jennifer Bachner10
    Jeechee Chen6Tiffany Wong7.5
    Nicholas Hardi5
    Daniel Berdichevsky3
    Michael Wang3
    Phillip Donlon2
    Dexter Vu2
    Dominick Lim2
    Raymond Chen2
    Cleon Yau1

    Next steps are
    1. By 4/15/2009 each athlete must confirm that he/she is going to the tournament and make a $100 deposit (details to be announced) – this will be returned if the athlete goes and forfeited to team expenses if the athlete withdraws.
    2. Volunteers for co-team leaders (2 are desired with the number of athletes going) are requested to submit their indication of interest to Fred Coleman.
    3. A coach will be selected by the US Junior Committee. There will be at least one assistant coach. Players own individual coaches are not specifically granted coaching privileges for this event.