Amendment to Junior Ranking Regulation

Dec. 01, 2009, 11:35 a.m. (ET)

As Announced...


Dear Fred and the Junior Committee, 

As announced more than a week ago, the existing Junior Ranking System shall be used 2009-2010.  To improve on this system, the Ranking Subcommittee has voted (4 yes votes, 1 no vote and 1 with no response) to recommend that the Junior Committee adopt the following amendment (in red)  for section 2 to be adopted for junior tournaments following the upcoming JIT (Junior International Trials): 

2) Start with rank of finish in previous year's Junior Nationals for same age group event. Use top 4 from main draw and 5 from feed in consolation. May use 6-8 if team beat at least 2 teams to reach position 6-8. All finishes from Junior Nationals require two wins to be used for ranking. If a player participated in the following JIT, use the average ranking for the top 8 players from the two tournaments.  In case the ranking is tied, the players with higher Junior National finish will be ranked higher.  i.e. if player A has 4th place in JN, and the player B  finsih 5th in JN and 3rd in JIT.  Their average rankings will be same - 4th, but applying the junior naitonal finsih rule.  The player A still ranks 4th and player B still ranks 5th.