XV 2009 Pan Am Adult Championships - Individual Event

Aug. 21, 2009, 1:37 p.m. (ET)

The XV Pan American Championships 2009 will be held in Guadalajara , Mexico from October 20th-25th, 2009.

The championships will host two events -  Team Event and Individual Event. XV Pan American Badminton Championships Team Event is from 20-21 October, 2009.  

 XV Pan American Badminton Championships Individual Event

The individual event is from 22-25 October, 2009. BPAC allows a maximum of 4 players per event; 4 players for Men's Singles, 4 players for Women's Singles, 4 players for Men's  Doubles, 4 players for  Women's Doubles and 4 players for Mixed Doubles.

Players who have qualified and accepted to play for Team USA in the team event are not guaranteed of a place in the individual events. USAB can only confirm entries for individual events on 9/16/09 (Wednesday) as individual events are open to all USAB athletes who are eligible to participate.  There are a limited number of entry positions available to USA Badminton.  In case there are more entries received than positions available, the player/pair's latest world rankings on September 10, 2009 (Thursday) per event will be used for selection. If no world ranking data is available on the players, then the team trial results will be used as the next selection criteria.  The entry fees is US$30 per person per event. 

Entry deadline
Please note that your entries (in writing) for individual events must be received (using the tournament entry form) by USAB by 9/15/09 (Tuesday) before 5.00PM MDT.  Any email that arrives after the deadline will not be given consideration.

Hotel Information
USAB will only organize the accommodation for Team USA.  All other players who qualify for the individual events are responsible for organizing their own accommodation.

 Online reservation is also available through www.conventionm.com/events  or email reserve@conventionm.com for any additional information.