2009 Pan Am Junior Championships Team Event Begins

Aug. 18, 2009, 4:53 p.m. (ET)

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Monday, August 17th to Wednesday, August 19th

Puerto Rico, known for its exotic beaches and glistening waters as well as other natural wonders, is more than just a dazzling tourist attraction. This year the country will be hosting the eighteenth Pan American Junior Championships in Guaynabo. The tournament is held in Mario Jiménez Sports Complex, which was recently built in 2009. The venue is a multi-use facility where the 14 countries will be competing fiercely against each other: Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago, and USA. Last year in 2008, USA had won third place in the team tournament and the year before that, gold.  This year, USA has the largest delegation with 6 well qualified coaches and 61 players.


With the team event players Rena Wang, Iris Wang, Rachel Liao, Isabel Zhong, Terrence Pang, Brendam Lum, Marvin Lin and Zenas Lam.

We have high hopes for the USA team this year too. Unfortunately, one of our top players, Yau Hwa Chan, suffered a knee injury preceding the tournament and had to drop out for both team and individual events. We are sorry that he could not go and wish him a speedy recovery. We, however, are thankful that Brendan Lum for filling his spot in the team event.   Good luck to the entire USA team!

Besides the anxiety of injuries, people have expressed their worry about the weather. The forecast shows thunderstorms every day with Tropical Storm Ana creeping by. To top it off, Hurricane Bill is brewing steadily in the Atlantic. Luckily, Tropical Storm Ana has weakened to a tropical depression and Hurricane Bill has directed itself away from the San Juan area in Puerto Rico. Still, residents are stocking up on water and canned foods for just in case. I guess there won't be a beach party then!

At the end of August 17, 2009, USA has achieved perfect result with 5-0 against Guyana and 5-0 against the tough hosting country Puerto Rico.