AAC Election

Nov. 24, 2008, 3:44 p.m. (ET)
The Athletes' Advisory Council ("AAC") is composed of one representative from each Olympic and Pan American sport elected from each sport's National Governing Body ("NGB"), or the representative's alternate. Athletes must meet the following requirements to be eligible for election to the AAC:

An athlete must have represented the United States in Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American or other major international competition, within the preceding ten years as measured from the first AAC meeting of the quadrennium. The term "other major international competition" as used herein means only a competition designated by the USOC as an Operation Gold competition (Badminton World Championship).

An athlete may not have served two previous terms on the AAC as a   Representative. Status as an Alternate does not constitute serving a term. If an Alternate replaces a Representative and has the opportunity to attend over half of the meetings as the Representative in a quadrennium, the Alternate shall be deemed to have served one (1) term.

AAC representatives and alternatives are seated for four-year terms, or until replaced, whichever is later.

Athletes may not be paid employees of the USOC, any NGB, USP or any cities domestic bid committee for an Olympic Games and simultaneously serve as a representative or alternate to the AAC.  A paid employee shall mean anyone who is employed on a regular basis.

As a qualified USA Badminton athlete, if you desire to run for the USOC Athletes' Advisory Council please forward to the National Office a statement of 200 words or less outlining your qualifications and five (5) signatures of support from individuals entitled to vote in the election by December 12, 2008. The 5 signatures may be mailed or faxed to 719-866-4507.  These statements will be placed on the ballot and mailed by USA Badminton to qualified athletes for vote.

Please call Dan Cloppas at 719-866-3644 or email dcloppas@aol.com if you have additional questions.