USA Badminton

Coach development is a “journey” of self discovery of how a coach acquires one’s coaching experiences and skills. A course is therefore not a one stop improvement point to grade a coach. A course provides the opportunity for a coach to be assessed, grow his/her coaching network, moderate his/her perceptions on coaching, and attain  basic foundation in coaching relevant to his/her students or community.

Coaching is dynamic profession and expectations are greater than ever. Coaches of today need to do more than ‘coaching.’  They are expected to know their sport and must be excellent teachers of their sport while being able to apply complex regulations in said sport. Understanding that every athlete is different is crucial and the coach must be able to communicate with every type of athlete. Not only must they communicate with the athlete, but a coach must be able to handle the pressures from parents. The coach development program was developed to help create quality coaches and ensure safety in the community.

With advancement in technology, sciences, athlete conditioning quality and scoring system, rewarding system, training in sports is not the same as two decades ago. Coaching like any career requires the practicing coaches to slowly master their coaching skills. This process of development requires a continuous formal and informal training.

Hence, with this understanding, USA Badminton looked at setting up a new Coach Development Program (CDP) in 2009. The new CDP will replace the former certification structure (Coach Certification Program Level 101, 1, 2, 3 and 4 ) to one that focuses on a “combination of levels and needs of the participating community” effective January, 2011. 

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