USA Badminton

Why Become a Badminton Coach?
Coaching is a key element in the growth of badminton. Every player whether he/she is a young beginner or adult beginner  who is keen to learn a new sport to keep fit or aim to play in local, regional or national tournaments in USA or if one is an elite player who aims to compete internationally or for the Olympics, needs a coach.

Coaching is an avenue through which former players can contribute back to badminton.  Besides having the personal satisfaction of ‘giving back,’ coaching also offers a lot more to those who receive it.

Helping New players 
The role of a coach at any level is to develop players and help them to become better players.  There is a great deal of satisfaction achieved by  helping a player or a group of players and seeing them improve.  A coach not only helps players learn and improve their game, but also plays a direct or indirect role in making a difference in the quality of the players’ lives. 

Being A Part of Something Much Bigger 
As a coach you immediately become a part of something much bigger. For example, if you work at the grass-roots level you will be responsible for introducing badminton and starting many players on their way to participating in a lifelong sport,  competing for a club, region or even USA. As a coach you become a part of this large network of contributors in a player’s success.

If you are interested in becoming a coach then contact the nearest Regional Coaching Director and /or contacts, course instructors, your club or write to the USA Badminton Director of Coaching & High Performance, Mohan Subramaniam at

Why Choose A USA Badminton Certified Coach?
USA Badminton seeks  to ensure quality services provided by its certified coaches through formal and informal education activities and engagement. In other words, it means that USA Badminton through its courses, workshops , seminars and communication will not only ensure that the minimum prerequisites of coaching foundation, First Aid & CPR and background checks are met but also support to its certified coaches to be empowered so that they provide quality and safe coaching to its participating community.

Certified  coaches are also encouraged to act as assessors, instructors, facilitators, presenters, and  mentors to enhance USAB’s coach development program (CDP) . This is to ensure certified coaches have stake in the development of the USAB CDP and ensure that their colleagues actions enhance the image of USAB CDP and its certified coaches.

Finally, all USAB Certified Coaches are required to attend an interactive face-to-face Coaches’ Code of Ethics & Conduct Module and sign a Coaches Agreement indicating they understand and will adhere to the USOC approved set of ethical behaviors. While this is no guarantee against errant or inappropriate behavior, it does constitute a commitment by certified coaches to behave in ways which enhance the status of badminton coaching community.

If you have any questions about certified coaches please do not hesitate to contact Mohan Subramaniam, the Director of Coaching & High Performance at