USA Archery's insurance benefits provide important coverage to individual, club and state association members.Though archery is one of the safest sports, insurance coverage provides important peace of mind that allows you to concentrate on what you do best - competing, coaching, hosting competitions, or serving the needs of archers in your community!  Click here for a full listing of USA Archery memberships and insurance benefits.

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1.  Individual Liability and Sports Accident Insurance
  Current Individual members are covered during participation in club activities or in tournaments sanctioned by USA Archery.

2.  General Liability Insurance for Instructors and Coaches
  Current USA Archery certified Level 2 or higher Instructors and Coaches are covered for activities while acting in their capacity as member Coaches of USA Archery during USA Archery member club activities and USA Archery sanctioned tournaments.

Current USA Archery certified Level 1 Instructors can acquire General Liability Insurance coverage by obtaining a Range Pass with a Recreational Membership (Temporary Membership excluded).

Current USA Archery certified Level 2 and higher Instructors and Coaches who are members of the NFAA or ASA who coach in a USA Archery club may obtain at least a USA Archery Recreational Membership to receive General Liability Insurance coverage.

3.  Instructor and Coach Liability Insurance 
  This coverage extends to coaching activities conducted outside a USA Archery Club or event.  Coverage is limited to Instructors and Coaches who have been certified by USA Archery as a current Level 2 or higher, but only while participating in coaching and instructional training in USA Archery sport disciplines including Outdoor Target, Indoor Target, Field Archery and 3-D Archery.

Current USA Archery certified Level 1 Instructors would be eligible for coverage by obtaining a Range Pass.  Please note that Temporary and Recreational Membership options are excluded from the Range Pass membership requirement.

Current USA Archery certified Level 2 or higher Instructors and Coaches who are members of the NFAA or ASA who coach in a USA Archery club must obtain a USA Archery membership to obtain Instructor and Coach Liability Insurance (please refer to the Adult Partner Association Membership option).

4.  Club Insurance 
  Only USA Archery club activities qualify for insurance coverage. A club activity is defined as any activity within a 24-hour period that is planned and hosted by the member club for members or direct membership recruitment.  Any individual participating beyond these guidelines, or if the event is not planned and organized for members only, will not be covered under the individual member or club member insurance program.

5. Sanctioned Event Insurance
  Archery competitions that are held outside of general club activity must be sanctioned by USA Archery; "outside of general club activity" is defined as a club holding competitions within the United States with open registration, where individuals are allowed to participate who are not current members of the member club.  USA Archery membership is required for participation in all sanctioned events. 

Please Note:  If the Instructor or Coach owns the premises or facilities, or if they are contractually responsible for the property on a 24-hour basis according to the terms of their lease, then they will need to purchase General Liability Insurance beyond the coverage provided through USA Archery to assure full liability coverage for the facility.

Please contact USA Archery at or (719) 866-4576 if you have any insurance questions.