The Officials and Rules Committee:

  1. provides the format for the training, certification and recertification of Judge Candidates, Regional and National judges;
  2. ensures the accuracy of the list of qualified Judges for each USA Archery event and, upon the request of the Tournament Director, provides a list of those Judges qualified to be considered for the position of Director of Shooting for the Association's Championships.
  3. publish all newsletters or special infomation related to the rules, touranments and other matters deemed pertinent by the Committee
  4. reply to all written inquiries concerning rules interpretations and disputes and work closely with the USAA office in all matters pertaining to this committee.
  5. update all USAA material related to rules to ensure they are always current with the rules of FITA.
  6. submit annual budget and reports on committee activities.

Officials and Rules Committee:

West Representative - Bob Pian

South Representative - Michael Hollman

North Representative - Linda Cockrell

East Representative - Megan Tierney

Athlete Representative - Diane Watson