Nominating and Governance Committee

The term of office for an N&G Committee member shall be two years. No member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms.  They have the following responsibilities:

  • identify and evaluate prospective candidates for the Board;
  • select individuals to serve on the Board as provided in the Bylaws;
  • recommend as requested by the Board individuals to serve on various committees and task forces;
  • consult with the Ethics Committee with respect to inspecting all nominations for potential conflict of interest or other problematic issues;
  • develop and recommend to the Board for its consideration an annual self-evaluation process of the Board and its committees and task forces; and
  • perform such other duties as assigned by the Board.

USAA seeks nominations for the following seats: 

  1. one athlete who shall qualify as an athlete in accordance with Article 11 of the bylaws;
  2. one individual who is independent as that term is defined in Section 7.6 of the bylaws;
  3. one coach or judge; and
  4. one grassroots representative (JOAD or Collegiate)

Nominating and Governance Committee:

Derek Davis - Chair

Phil Graves - Judge/Coach

Teresa Perrego - JOAD/Collegiate Archery Program

Belinda Foxworth - Independent

Lindsay Speck - Athlete