Club Leaders: click here to submit a Star FITA Sanction Application online.

State Association Leaders: Click here to download the event sanction form (must be emailed, faxed or mailed)

Requirements to Sanction a Star FITA Tournament

Hosting a Star FITA tournament means world records can be attained by qualified archers. The host club must hold current USA Archery club membership or State Association status and the tournament must be conducted in accordance with World Archery Federation (WAF) Rules and Regulations. The complete WAF Rules and Regulations can be found under Resources.   The fee to register a Star FITA tournament with USA Archery is $70, a portion of which is paid to World Archery for this status. If the tournament is cancelled, a refund of $35 will be returned to the sponsoring host club.

The following specific requirements are necessary to host a Star FITA tournament:

  1. A minimum of 30 days advance notice.
  2. Agree to abide by the requirements of USA Archery and World Archery.
  3. Identify by name a USA Archery judge (official) for the event in addition to assuring USA Archery that all the necessary officials have been selected to assist in conducting the tournament.
  4. Provide scorecards to the tournament participants that must abide by World Archery rules and regulations as stated in the most current WA Rule Books in the event a world record was set

Want to learn how to host a tournament? Check out our Resources page.