Instructor Resources

The following activity copy pages are available for Explore Archery instructors to download and print. Click the name of the activity to download.

Activity 1 - Candy Shoot
Activity 4 - Treasure Shoot
Activity 9 - Mystery Shoot
Activity 21 - Outer Ring Challenge
Activity 25 - The Games
Activity 27 - Lucky Stars


Range Development Resources

Considering building a community archery park or an indoor/outdoor archery facility? The Archery Park and Archery Facility Planning guides can be a great resource. 

The Archery Park Guide is a tool that helps infuse archery range opportunities into your community. The Archery Park Guide offers 40-plus pages of information including site plans, recommendations and case studies from a variety of different locations.  


The Archery Facility Planning Guide offers design options for an archery facility on virtually any scale, from a small Community Archery Range to a Full Service Archery Training Center. 


Marketing Resources

Download the Explore Archery brochure

Download the USA Archery brochure

If you are interested in using the Explore Archery logo to promote your program, please contact USA Archery at to request an electronic version of the Explore Archery logo.