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IPC Eligibility Code Form – Swimming

2016 IPC Licenses are now available

For a current list of IPC licensed swimmers, please check the IPC Classification Masterlist.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has launched an online database application that was developed in partnership with Atos Origin. The application is called the IPC Sport Data Management System (SDMS). The general functionality of the online application includes the following:

  • Captures athlete biographies, eligibility data (nationality, classification, etc.), results, potential records;
  • Provides U.S. Paralympics with online reports and data for its respective athletes;
  • Calculates world and regional rankings, records and other reports (e.g. classification master lists)

NOTE: Athletes MUST have a current IPC License in order to:

  • be included on the IPC world and regional ranking lists.
  • have a result count for a world and regional record application.
  • achieve a result to be considered for National Team status.
  • achieve a result to be considered for Games/World Championships team selection.
  • be eligible for IPC International Classification.

The IPC license is valid from the time of application through the end of that calendar year.  The license will expire at the end of each calendar year must be renewed to carry over from one year to the next.

Athlete's who have been IPC licensed in previous years and need to renew the license, please complete the following:

Submit License fee of $25 USD.  Submit the following VISA credit card information by calling Sherrice Fox at 719-866-3353.  

  • Credit card number
  • Credit card expiration date
  • Name on the credit card

Athlete’s who have not been licensed must complete the following four steps. 

1. Scan and email a completed and signed IPC Eligibility Code Form (must have original signature-no electronic signatures will be accepted).  Print the form (click the link on the top of this page to download the form), fill-in the information, sign the form, scan the document and email

2. Email a copy of your passport.  The IPC requires a passport or passport card as proof of citizenship.  Scan the informational page of your passport (the one with your photo), save it as a PDF and email it to   Please do not fax as it will not come through clearly.

3. Email a recent headshot photo (photos MUST: have a white background, not include headgear, dark glasses and hair bands on the athlete and have the head of the athlete looking face-on).  Using a digital camera, have someone take a picture of you against a white wall and email the photo to  Please do not fax as it will not come through clearly.

4.  Submit a copy of your Medical Diagnostics Form.  Your doctor or ophthalmologists must fill out the paperwork and attach any supporting documentation.  This form can be emailed to or you may send a fax to the attention of Sherrice Fox to 719-866-2029.

Physical Impairment Medical Diagnostics Form

Visual Impairment Medical Diagnostics Form

5. Submit License fee of $25 USD.  Submit the following VISA credit card information by calling Sherrice Fox at 719-866-33353.

  • Credit card number
  • Credit card expiration date
  • Name on the credit card

If you do not have access to a scanner, you can mail the information to:  

        USOC-Paralympic Division, 
        Attn: Sherrice Fox 
        One Olympic Plaza, 
        Colorado Springs, CO 80909. 

If you are paying the fee by check or money order, the payment should be made payable to: USOC-Paralympic Division.

The SDMS will issue a unique athlete identification number, which will remain with the athlete through his/her sport career.  Additionally, for each season the athlete will be assigned a unique season license number.  The IPC Athlete License will be valid for one calendar year.  Please allow 48 hours for the license to be active on the IPC Masterlist.

The International Classification status will be listed as N (New) for athletes who have never completed an IPC International Classification evaluation. New athletes will be placed into the system as the highest number for the corresponding classification category. For example, a swimmer with a physical impairment will be listed as an S10 if they have never been through a classification. The classification number will be updated in the system along with the classification status after the athlete completes an approved National or International classification evaluation.

If you have any questions, please call or email Sherrice Fox at 719-866-3353 or