The U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding Classification Policies & Procedures fall under the U.S. Paralympics national classification strategy. General documents that are applicable for all sports may be found here.  The USA Classification Policies and Procedures – Snowboarding cover sport-specific classification information including classifier prerequisites, current classifiers and their authorization levels, classification panel composition for the sport, and any sport criteria for athletes who present for classification assessment.

The U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding Skiing national classification list includes all athletes in the respective sport whose classification information is on file with either the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and/or the respective sport IF and/or U.S. Paralympics (the National Paralympic Committee in the USA).  Athletes who have been nationally or internationally classified as per the Code and/or the U.S. Paralympics Classification Policies and Procedures are automatically included in this database.  Information will be updated regularly and historical research to compile accurate athlete classification data is still ongoing.

2016-17 Classification Events (All medical forms must be submitted 4 weeks prior to competition for athletes requesting classification).

Landgraaf (NED): Classification for PI and VI athletes on November 13-14 (Alpine and Snowboard)

Darbandsar (IRI): Classification for PI athletes on January 7, 2017 (Alpine and Snowboard)