Research and Sports Science Consortium

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The Paralympic Research and Sports Science Consortium is dedicated to promoting and supporting Paralympic research and sport science through collaborative study.

The objectives of the Paralympic Research and Sports Science Consortium are:

  • To promote the advancement and conduct of rigorous evaluation and applied research regarding programs of Paralympic sport for people with physical and visual disabilities including disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces.
  • To support collaborative efforts such as development of common methodologies, sharing best practices, and joint research and evaluation projects by program providers, universities, the United States Olympic Committee, including its U.S. Paralympics and Sport Performance divisions, and other interested and relevant organizations. 
  • To support the development of a body of knowledge and data that will demonstrate the positive benefits of physical activity and sport for people with physical and visual disabilities.
  • To promote resource development.
  • To conduct scientific review as requested by the U.S. Paralympics.
  • To promote the use of research and data as a catalyst for policy and programmatic change.
  • To promote and advocate for Paralympic sport.
  • To support the development of new and application of existing technologies which enhance participation and improve performance.
  • To promote the identification of talent for Paralympic sport.

The charter Consortium members are the University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratory, The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability at University of Illinois Chicago, the University of Central Oklahoma, Lakeshore Foundation and U.S. Paralympics, a division of the USOC.

For more information, contact co-chair Jeff Underwood of Lakeshore Foundation at (205) 313-7415 or Matt Cramer, USOC representative, at (719) 866-2232.