The Athletes’ Advisory Council is responsible for broadening communication between the United States Olympic Committee and active athletes, and serves as a source of input and advice to the USOC board of directors. The AAC consists of at least one (1) athlete from each sport in which the United States is represented at the Olympic and Pan American Games, eight (8) Paralympic athlete representatives — six (6) from summer sports and two (2) from winter sports, and six (6) athletes elected by the AAC to serve at-large, including a chair and two vice chairs. 

Athlete representatives for the 2013-16 quadrennium were elected in December 2012.

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Paralympic representatives on the 2013-16 Athletes' Advisory Council

Representative – Josh George
Alternate – Lex Gillette

Representative - Sam Kavanagh
Alternate - Greta Neimanas

Representative – Sarah Castle
Alternate – Joe Wise

Summer Team Sports
Representative – Katie Holloway
Alternate – Chris Ahrens

Other Summer Sports (2 Representatives)
Representative – Karin Korb
Representative – John Ruf

Representative – Candace Cable
Alternate – Allison Jones

Winter Team Sports
Representative – Augusto Perez
Alternate – Pat McDonald